Last night for Scotlands infantry regiments

Tonight is the last night of existence for the Royal Scots, KOSB, Royal Highland Fusiliers, Highlanders, Black Watch, and the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders. Tomorrow they are disbanded, and the troops reformed into battalions of the Royal Regiment of Scotland. A small parade takes place at Edinburgh Castle, with a few others at bn locations around the world. A sad day.
But as these regiments pass out into the annels of history,we must not forget just what a brave & proud history they have.Like too many family regiment's over the years that have fell to our government,they will be remembered.
I raise my Whisky glass in your honour.
sweatysock said:
It's a time to remember the past but also, to look forward to the future.

Ne Obliviscaris
Hear, Hear.

A wee dram raised as they celebrate the end of their last day.

I hope that many more days follow, though in slightly new guises.

Good wishes going forwards for the new face of Scottish Infantry but let us not forget the shabby way in which this has come about nor who the architects and contributors have been.

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