Last Night BBC investigation on Health Tourists

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by headgear, Oct 4, 2012.

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  1. I was absolutely fuming last night watching an investigation into non-entitled people paying 'go-betweens' to have their details fraudantely registered on the NHS. People were paying a £2-300 bribe each to these people who then registered them (sometimes via a chain of other go betweens) with false names, addresses and NI information (1 guy clearly worked in the NHS as he was filmed taking money in front of an NHS computer where he was entering his customers details). This means that they could then register with a GP and receive drugs and treatments such as MRI scans which cost £800 a shot - 1 illegal immigrant guy had 2 hips replaced.

    Apart from the obvious fraud I was even more annoyed to see that the vast majority of the go-betweens appeared to be of non-UK origin who were taking advantage of their own ethnic groups and screwing the UK taxpayers at the same time. I believe that this behaviour is becoming more and more prevalent whether it is for arranging 'student' visas and fake courses, people trafficking or running slave work gangs - in just about every case I've seen on all the various TV programmes its immigrants who are instigating it (I'm not forgetting that UK nationals are taking advantage of the slave labour)

    I worry that the corruption that is so prevalent in other countries is starting to become the norm and something needs to be done about - the time for being polite and non-inflamotory about ethnic and immigrant issues has passed and politicians, media and the Police need to be much more public about whats going on - in particular white middle class do-gooders need to stop being so 'nice'
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    It's nothing new. In the hospital (a very large General Hospital in the SE) there are a number of consultants who pretty much refuse to co-operate with the Fin section whose job is to hunt down these people and get them to pay. They don't do it from any sort of racist/helping their compatriots view (as some may expect, given that the vast majpority of consultants are not, shall we say, natural EDL members), but because they think that the NHS should be free to all. And I do mean all. Fine moral viewpoint, but not one that the Governement agree with, nor what was intended when the NHS was set up.
  3. This comes as absolutely no sursprise to me whatsoever. The area I live in has a only a small ethnic population, yet on my visits to the local hospital the place is full of, mostly elderly, Asians.

    But it's not just Asians, it would be unfair to single them out, I was sat next to four elderly Italians last winter, none of whom spoke a word of English and the hospital had to get an interpreter for them, they had no family in the UK and weren't on any kind of holiday, other than a health one.
  4. I expect that we will see more of this when our brothers in poorer parts of the EU realise that the stories they have heard about us being a soft touch are true.
  5. WTF are we doing treating f*king Italians for ? C**ts should have been thrown out and told to f**k off
  6. Because they have to pay for their treatment in Spicland, but as EU citizens are entitled to free treatment in the UK.
  7. Yer we've pretty muched dropped the soap and asked every poorly Muhammed to get in line as we, for some reason, just like a good hard raping.
  8. Your point on corruption: it is as endemic in the UK as in the worst of African and other countries - we are just better at disguising it. The trouble is that UK government departments responsible for routing out fraud are working with out-of-date information and systems and, as you imply, are actually opposed by senior staff in the Civil Service - see articles in the last couple of days over the Virgin/First Group rail scandal and on said staff "obstructing" decisions by ministers, obviously to serve their own means.

    On the point of corruption in the NHS, this should be seen as yet another nail in its own coffin lid. While routine operations, such as hip replacements, are now being put off for older people (dismissed by some GPs and consultants as just an inevitable result of ageing), I really do want to move out of the EU, to somewhere I can pay an effective health insurance premium and be sure I get the treatment I need.
  9. Damn that E111 form that entitles us to the same .
  10. I've always thought that EU members should treat citizens of other member states and then send the home country the bill. Would solve this sort of thing pretty quickly.
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  11. I thought they were only entitled to recieve what they would receive in their own country unless they have taken up permanent residence here?
  12. That's what's supposed to happen. Guess what other countries do, and this country doesn't?
  13. The NHS never turn anyone in need of treatment away, whatever the reason for presenting.
  14. I wouldn't deny that corruption amongst UK Nationals exists everywhere but I hang onto the old fashioned belief that when all is said and done most British people are 'decent', respectful of others and abide by the law of the land - perhaps that is because we have a more 'matured' culture and developed system of law and personal morals because we have been fortunate to be born and live in a country that is basically fair to all - people arriving from other countries where rights are less well defined are probably forced to be more 'Jack' to survive and less respectful of others and authority.

    The main point being that instead of adopting the best bits of British culture and belief system they are bringing their worst habits here with them and reverting back to the norm.