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I have justed bought my own house and after living in Quarters for the last 12years, my wife has decided that she wants to move back home for the remainder of my time. Am i entitled to removals through the system or do i have to pay for it, i had to pay for my first move. A friend of mine has been told that he must pay for his own removal, can anyone give me some guidance please...
I was in your position two years ago. When I asked to move at public expense I got f****d off at the high port. Luckily I was only moving less than two miles within the UK and I managed to come to an arrangement with my unit MT staff.

Its worth it though, means you don't have to deal with those cretins in DHE/Modern Housing Solutions any more!
i will be moving about 100 miles, i estimate that it would cost around £1000 to get removals in or two adys work if i could get white fleet but surley we should't have to pay for your last move.
You will not be able to claim if you are moving mid-tour. You can only claim 'on posting'.

07.0110. Mid-assignment Moves. DA is only payable for mid-assignment moves where the move of accommodation is for Service, compassionate, welfare or medical reasons or where the Service person’s accommodation entitlement changes. Mid-assignment moves for other personal reasons and for operational deployments do not give an entitlement to DA.

This rule applies to move of Personal Effects as well.

The only exception is during a Final Tour Of Duty where in most circumstances you can claim DA and be moved by the system.
Thanks for the info, if Hobgoblin is correct, i will be doing it myself, thanks anyway
when i was married about 5 years ago i bought my own house and my ex wanted the same i tried to get it paid through the system but failed had to pay it all my self i did get the gyh allowance though,hope that helps
Hobgobblin is spot on. Ive just tried to go through the system and got f*cked off. It has to be a move on posting - if its mid-posting then you got to pay your own way Im afraid

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