Last minute spaces on Scuba Exped to Egypt

Afternoon all,

I'm organising a Scuba Diving exped to Egypt next week and I have spaces that urgently need filling. The exped runs from 27 Feb to 7 Mar and will be spent diving from a liveaboard boat chartered out of Sharm el-Sheik. The cost is £500 with the possibilty of a partial refund once the dust settles.

Interested parties need to be BSAC Ocean Diver or better qualified and be in possession of in-date dive medical (annex 8c).

If interested please PM me.


Good question. PADI Open Water or higher is ok as well. Queue disclaimer - PADI divers must dive within rules as laid down by BSAC.


ScubaJon, ScubaJon.

Like the rest of the Army, I hate work!
Any chance I could get hold of your Ex instruction etc.?
Obviously cut out everyone's names just in case i'm actually a fanatical muslim looking for a soldier to make 'thursday-love' to!
thebigtone, thebigtone

if you hate work, why type something twice? :D
Maybe typing ScubaJon twice will get his attention thus securing me a lot of paperwork in the long run thus saving me a lot of work.... see... i'm not silly you know!

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