Last minute kit

okay, so catterick..this the form says, I can't take firearms or BB guns, so I'll have to leave my shotgun at home as apparently the army will supply me with another gun.

Anyway, I asked about thermals etc and have been told not to bother with them, so..what else should I take? I'll make a list now then walk into town in a few hours and buy it all ready to take to catterick.
A decent iron.
Plenty of spare everything. If you think you have bought enough then double it.
Foot powder, you will need it.

A sense of humour.
i would take plenty of Padlocks as the KINGOS are currently in Catterick. :wink: its getting colder by the day up here and those who have been here before will tell you how cold N Yorks gets. good luck.
No, don't bother. You will be issued them as part of your clothing pack.

Were you not given a suggested list of equipment/clothing to bring with you?
Yes defo. You will get issued a pair but you can never have enough spare kit.
Porn, Beer, Black Nasty and WD40. All you'll ever need.
I'd have helly hansens finest if I were you.

Good socks - Thor Lo hiking socks, sorbothane insoles.

good luck, remember it's all for your own good and the harder it is the better it will be when you march off the square.
Good idea with the HH stuff and all of the other Gucci kit after the first term.

You may find that until then that you will be restricted to issue tissue only. Can't hurt to take the stuff and just not use it until you're told you can by your training staff.

Your choice at the end of the day.
alright I bought some thermal trousers and a thermal shirt for under clothes, I also got some gortex (I think it was gortex he said?) sock covers, they go over socks and under boots, anyway, I wanted to test them out so put them on and dipped my feet in the bath, feet stayed bone dry..the guy there was ex squaddie and said chances are up at catterick they should let me use them, but its useful to have them anyway...I also bought 4 bungee cords (the sergeant at shorncliffe) advised to get them..A pocket knife, which I cant see coming in very useful but they advised to take one anyway..And a nice steam iron...lots of fun..

Anyway, I'm all sorted for catterick now..

Travis - yes I was, but this is stuff various squaddies have advised me to get that arent on the list, that they said will make phase 1 a bit more comfy.
2 padlocks, and a big bag of cotton wool.
Conure: Where did you get the Goretex Boot Liners from? I've been contemplating them for a while.
What type of "thermals" did u get?

Get yourself a Snugpak or buffalo Jacket!!!! They should let you wear it and if you jack it all in you can still use it or flog it on the bay!!!!

Also go to local Mountain Warehouse/Regatta as they should do long sleeve t-shirts in some quick drying material for around 10 pounds!!

Good luck!

P.S. Remember!

Pack Light...... Freeze at night :)
Zinc oxide tape for your tootsies if you suffer from blisters.

Padlocks, pens paper, good iron and starch, little first aid kit nothing posh just plasters and maybe some painkillers, if you can stretch to a softie take one if you cant use it straight away at least you have it for when you can, coat hangers may be useful, lots of shoepolish parade gloss for in camp and a cheap one for when your in the field.

Most of all your sense of humour if you forget that your goingto struggle.
you'll need your penknife a lot
especially when it comes to concealment preperations, like cutting the grass for camouflage or cutting the camouflage holders on your crap at so it can fit more in

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