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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by greenmachine, Jan 15, 2006.

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  1. What is it with the army spending so much money on things they do not need. I am in the royal corp of signals and it was very nice of the tax payer to spend £35,000 on me to learn all about clansman systems the trouble with that is that i will never ever use the system as my unit is all BOWMANISED. It seems so stupid and that was 2 years ago and from what i have heard they are still teaching clansman
  2. Interesting post, but why the title ?
  3. Eh, I reckon I could teach the entire Clansman series in a weekend, however radio subjects that Bowman and Clansman share would take a lot longer (VP and A&P). So I don't think its that stupid.
    DCCIS was supposed to move over the Bowman last year but couldn't as they hadn't been converted on time (lack of equipment?)
  4. Simple (just like you really). Your current unit may be Bowmanised but a large percentage of the British Army still has Clansman. If we still have a bit of kit, then we still need individuals that need to be trained to repair, maintain and operate it. What is your next unit equipped with?

  5. Oracle,

    Hit the nail on the head. Decision was taken continue Clansman training for precisely that reason. At the time GM went through the factory the majority of the Corps had not yet BOWMANISED and as trg on BOWMAN was being provided in unit by BOWTAT, there was little point in changing what the RSS taught for what was then a minority of personnel posted to certain units.