Last minute Cornwall/Newquay trip

Discussion in 'Travel' started by R an R, Aug 13, 2008.

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  1. Alright all,

    Looking for somewhere to go camping with the missus late Aug and wondering if anyone has been that far South?

    Just after any reccomendations for decent places to stay, likewise to avoid.

  2. Dont Bother,

    Cornwall is currently under a foot of water on any but the steepest campsites. I suggest you try and find a little last minute B & B, Porcelin bogs with clean bedding.

    You can cover cornwall, pretty much in a day, you can hire bikes and ride around or along the camel trail from Padstow to Bodmin and beyond.

    I would recommend Wadebridge for a lively town with a young feel or newquay for a even younger feel :D

    Whatever you do, you takes your chances, being next to the atlantic it can get a little rough in a tent. My boss has just been washed out last night, however it can be amazingly calm and with good surfing beaches at Polzeath or Newquay if getting wets your thing bobs your oyster!

    Hope this helps
  3. Avoid Newquay...its dreadful unless part of a stag/hen party. Check out the thread on RP which is about the same thing.
  4. Try and visit St leven, it's got the Cable Station built into the cliff which housed all the incoming telegraph wires from all over the Empire. There's a little hut where all these wires meet up. Try and visit the Minack theatre too, built into a cliff it has to be my favorite outdoor venue for plays.
  5. Cheers for the quick responses fellas. Forgot about RP so will have a look now.
  6. Penhale any time of year
  7. I camped there a couple of times - think the site was called Atlantic Bay or something? It was on top of a cliff
  8. You're better off going to Llangennith on the Gower Peninsula near Swansea. It's an area of outstanding natural beauty and is great for a weekend away :thumright:

    (Alternatively, you could do what I'm doing and fcuk off to Barcelona for a few days with the missus.)
  9. I generally stay in falmouth and use it as a base which is really nice and tranquil and much more slower pace than new quay , I cant really suggest a place to go camping as i generally stay in a certain hotel in this area . If we go down to new quay and other areas with in Cornwall we generally use the Cornwall train which in the summer season works seven days a week
  10. Just came back from Praze an beeble. Nearest big place Hayle. Best beach I've been on in the UK at Godrevy, just up from St ives. Fantastic. Seal watching whatever the weather at Lizard point. Far nicer that side than the south. Good luck