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I was looking at lastminute dot come for theater tickets in Feb . They seem to have some great deals on in the west end and surrounding areas . However I noticed a disclaimer that said basically " we will try to get you to sit together with people you book with with " Implying that if me and mrs bhp buy two tickets we could end up miles apart from each other .
Have any of you folks booked this way and was it ok ? cheers troops.
The local BBC radio has a consumer phone-in programme. Some while back, someone tried to get their money back when they found that the tickets they'd received were not adjacent seats. The ticket provider (probably not lastminute, can't remember who) responded that the offer didn't guarantee adjacent seats and that the show would be equally entertaining in either seat, so wouldn't refund. After a bit of wrangling, the provider agreed to refund the money as a goodwill gesture provided that they could re-sell the tickets.

I don't know the final outcome, but I suspect that the provider didn't return any money. After all, there'd be other tickets to get rid of before dealing with the disputed ones.

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