Last Meal


The gallows beckon or electirc chair or lethal injection-depending what State youre in.

What do you ask the screws for as a last meal. Three courses or more more if your not bothered about watching your weight. Washed down with?


Starter: Prawn cocktail

Mains: Chicken Curry

Pud: Jam Roly poly with extra custard

Drink: Bottle of Taylors Port.
A 94 course meal including Dodo egg omelette, Dolphin burgers and white truffles. Of course, it is my right as a condemned man that the authorities provide me with my request.
starter - chicken soup (cream of)

Main - Pie, Eel, mash, mushy pease and gravy

Pud - Plain Vienetta

Drink - Crate of warsteiner


Starter: Home Made Tom Soup

Mains: Double Pie n Mash ( Twice )

Pud: Apple Crumble.

Drink: Bottle of Baileys
2 dozen pickled eggs

Meat phal and chili con carne melange

Baked beans and cabbage medley

Washed down with 8 pints of Guinness

If it's the electric chair, I'll take some of the fukcers with me. :twisted:

Starter: Game terrine

Mains: Real chili and tacos, extra large please

Pud: Mixed fruit crumble & custard

Drink: me to with a Bottle of Taylors Port

ps: please can we bring back hanging, pretty please!
Aparatif: The Judge

Starter: The Police Chief

Main: The man pulling the switch

Pud: Any witnesses
Starter: Hacker Pschorr Weizenbier
Main Course: Currywurst,Pommes Mayo
Desert: Hacker Pschorr Weizenbier
Drink: Hacker Pschorr Weizenbier
Try this

You start reading it for a laugh, then the true nature of what you are looking at starts to sink in.

Then you think feck it, this is ARRSe. Two-and-a-half pounds of onion rings - that's way to go, respect!
Starter: Compo Sausages/Bacon Grill/Scrambled eggs/English mustard
Main: Babies' Heads/New potatoes/Chard/Red cabbage
Pud: Apple Flakes with Hot Chocolate powder and crumbled Oatmeal Blocks
Drink: A bottle of Laphroaig to the 'King over the Water'

All prepared on a roaring No 1 burner!
Extract from above website!

Last Meal: Manns had a final meal request of fried chicken quarters, two dozen fried shrimp, two-and-half pounds of onion rings and fries, turkey salad with onion, peppers and cherry tomatoes with blue cheese dressing, salt, pepper and garlic powder, half-dozen soft onion rolls with assorted cheeses, chilled apple juice and milk.

Bet he's still eating it!

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