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Discussion in 'The Book Club' started by Moosaca, Oct 20, 2010.

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  1. In a haze of medication induced dispair (fortified with a couple of beers and some old photographs) I wrote this today. As I flick through the chat rooms and headline-induced winging and bumping about how everyone else is to blame for the state of the nation, the reason they can't have everything they want, I dedicate this poem to the soldiers of today and of yesteryear...who can't answer the question, 'why did you join the services?'

    As the rain beat down upon the warrior’s face
    He looked up to the sky
    He bellowed out to the mighty gods
    The single question ‘Why?’
    As his gaze panned out across the plain
    To the scene that lay before
    The thousand dead, the thousand scarred
    A sea of blood, of pain, of gore
    For no-one knew where it had all begun
    What spark had lit the fire
    That burned the soul out of his folk
    And caused all hope to tire

    For now he stood upon the mound
    Alone with but his shield
    And the memories of times gone by
    When he played upon this field
    As the wind bit deep into his skin
    And a tear fell from his eye
    He dropped his shield, fell to his knees
    And once more cried out...’Why?’

    How can we defend ourselves and others from an enemy that lives within? As a society we are ripping ourselves apart because we haven't got the balls to admit our own failings, weaknesses and greed. Whatever the future brings - boys and girls I would ask that you bring value to each and every day that you take the Queen's crown. If you can't - Chin Up.....and take the six clicks to freedom (JPA Speak).
  2. rip it up and throw it in the river fella.