Last item of World War Two equipment in service with British Forces


I bet I'm the only one with a 36 mills!
And I know a place we’re you can lob the thing, just to see if it works. The HoC, just for research sake mind you, honestly.
In my mortar platoon stores I've got a pair of wirecutters dated 1941, still with their '37 pattern pouch, and our practice barrels are all dated 1942.
In the op it said

Mark 8 torpedo: Developed before WW2, this was still in Royal Navy service into the eighties, and was used in 1982 to sink the Argentine cruiser ARA General Belgrano.

Are you suggesting it was made in ww2 and not fired until 1982
This was sort of discussed in an episode of Yes Minister/Prime Minister. Jim Hacker was talking about arms procurement or similar with Bernard. Hacker was curious as to why torpedoes designed in WW2 was still being used,Bernard answered along the lines of "because they had lots of testing".
Centurion AVREs were brought out of retirement for the First Gulf. Got a mate who drove 'em, he recon' s they pissed off the Yanks with their Abrams version. In certain circumstances the Abrams were getting bogged, but the Cents would just keep going.
My late brother-in-law, who did his national service in Israel and drove a tank in the 6 day war always maintained that the Centurion was the best tank in the Israel Army for driving over sand.

While we are on the subject of old barracks still in use, how about The Royal Citadel, Plymouth (still the home of 29 Commando)? Although the barracks are (I believe) Victorian, the walls and battlements are a lot older. Above the main gate is the crest of the monarch on the throne at the time that they were built, it is Charles the second.

The Royal Navy still insists on using kit for which more modern replacements are available. One of which is the inclinometers in submarines (basically an 'S' shaped spirit level). When a submarine is decommissioned, the inclinometers are removed and fitted in the class that will replace it. When the Astute Class came along, the RN had finally run out of inclinometers so approached a specialist firm in London for 20 odd replacements. The MD of the company tried to explain that things are done differently these days and he could supply a digital version with electronic readout, he was told 'watch our lips - we want 20 S-shaped inclinometers, mounted on a piece of polished oak, just like the one we have brought you to show'. And that is what they got.
I'm sure they were on the CES for either Scorpion or Ferret.
That doesn't surprise me. I've got a brand new set in an MTP case. The design probably hasn't changed since 1916!
My late brother-in-law, who did his national service in Israel and drove a tank in the 6 day war always maintained that the Centurion was the best tank in the Israel Army for driving over sand.
Centurion hulls are still used in the IDF as they are converted to be heavy APC's,
Cent crew I was on ops with in mid 1990's mentioned that the Cent beat the M60 and Merkava in maneuverability trials they participated in.
They were in the vehical kit for all AFVs, we had them in Chieftain CVR(T) and Fox. I seem to recall they were issued in Ferrets as well.
Brewmeister posted a photo of the wire cutters he had in the stores. I found a pair that my late had in his workshop. The date stamp is damaged 194? Different maker as well, was it issue?
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I had a Browning as my sidearm in Afghanistan, 2015.
Christ! I had one in 2010 when every other bugger had a Sig, and I thought I was one of the last to carry one. Didn't realise they were still issuing them 5 years later!
Ah but MoD wasn't around in WW2.
True Oh wise one, but that rare and elusive breed of homo sapiens have been in existence since the Brown Bess was first mooted as a good idea. Where large amounts of dosh is involved, the deep thinking ones that control the purse strings of The monarchs military, will always without fail cock it up, IE:- The SA80, £55,000,000 to modify, beacause they would not listen to the Ghurkhas tasked with evaluating the weapon. 1980, post Ex crusader 80, No POL in BAOR. All used up, And none forthcoming for about 4 weeks, MOD Fcuked up the admin, and we resorted to pushing wagons from the garages to the LAD, in winter, over frost covered cobbles, no load testing of genny sets, a complete clusterfuck, bean counters at MOD should be shot.
@A signaller found these in Dad's workshop, have you seen any of these before?

Can anyone help, I'd like to try and find what the boxes are for. I'm guessing radio spares, but I really have no idea.
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