Last Interview with Ahmed Shah Massoud

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Chief_Joseph, Oct 26, 2006.

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  1. I would have posted this in the Military history section, but since it's scope is larger than simply military issues, and the information is very relevant to the current situation, I thought this would be a better place

    When I read this, I can't help but wonder what things would be like if he was still alive
  2. Stonker

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    I doubt it. A couple of weeks ago, it struck me that even in the face of the Soviet occupation of his country, Ahmed Shah Massoud was unable to unite the tribes, clans, families and factions of his country into a single united entity to defeat the invader.

    Had he lived, I doubt that he would have done 'better' now.
  3. I beg to disagree.If Massoud were alive Afghanistan would have been on it's way to joining NATO.That or his country would be a substantially more peaceful place than it is right now.

    Massoud commanded respect among the Afghans because he was "one of the boys".He engaged the Soviets in battle unlike the Western imposed Karzai who is seen by most Afghans to be an "American in disguise." Karzai's other moniker is the "Mayor of Kabul" largely due to his lack of influence outside the capital.

    If Sept 11 had still happened(with the exception of Massouds death) then I suspect that :

    Karzai or some other western imposed leader would have been President, while Massoud would have been the Chief of General Staff of the Afghan military.I just do not see him as a political leader running around chasing votes.

    That said, (considering how effective he was against the Soviet army and with help from the West) by now the mission in AStan would be winding down right about now.The Taliban would have been a footnote in history.
  4. Oh well here we go.

  5. Apologies for the above my Apple Mac just had a Mac moment and is playing up, now onto PC power.
    Massood was a Nationalist while the Taliban are Islamist.
    It was back in 79 that I first became aware of the current trend of the rise of 'Extreme' Islam.
    I have said before I have no time for this extreme version of Islam and I do belive that most older and many wiser young men would be perfectly happy with the old breed of Islam, but the fanatics use the words of the Koran as written all thoes years ago to justify their current view and will permit no Tolerance from what had become a 'Relatively' tolerant religion.
    Masood would have madesome difference, hence the Talibansfirst task of taking him out.
    Just how effective he would have been I cannot estimate.
    When Mac invented the Phrase, 'Plug and Pray' they knew what they where talking about.
  6. Impressive chap Massoud. Dab hand as a soldier and an even better self publicist.

    There were rumors that Massoud was involved in Clinton's flacid attemps to kill Bin Laden.

    I recall a piece of intelligence picked up a few years ago which had Bin Laden celebrating their great September victory. Took a while for the analysts to realise he was crowing over AQ's assassination of the Lion of Panjshir on 9-9 rather than 9-11.

    Bin Laden's use of a suicide team pretending to be reporters was a master-stroke, his motives remain unclear: preparation for the coming storm, payback or simple envy of a man of greater heroic stature at that time? It was carefully coordinated with a Taliban offensive and I suspect it was simply tactical rather than part of a grand strategy, AQ had thried to kill him before.

    Massoud was never going to unite the country though. A powerful Tajik nationalist allied to Iran and post-Soviet Russia was the last thing Islamabad wanted in Kabul. They would like an obedient Pushtun regime run by the likes of Gulbuddin Hekmatyar and the ISI are persistent buggers.

    Perhaps a better soldier than Massoud Gulbuddin was not his match at PR; unless you regard acid attacks on the ladies as a crowd pleaser. A man of principles he wouldn't even press the infidel POTUS flesh when Reagan had him round to the Whitehouse back in 85.