Last Flight of the Super Frelon

The French Navy (Aéronavale) has retired yesterday its last Super Frelon SAR helicopters.

In 40 years of SAR duty, they have rescued 2,150 people in distress of the coast of Brittany and flown over 135,000 hours.

Here is a gallery of pics of the last day of the SF.

While waiting for the delivery of its first NH-90 (in 2011), the French Navy has taken delivery of two EC-225 for SAR duty.
Christ the Sea King isn't pretty, but that's taking it a step further. Looks like you got hold of an old Sea King and crashed it into a Ruski helo factory and came out the other end looking like that :)
Not pretty yes but in its time it held several world records for speed.

BTW, chinese copies of the SF, the Z-8 are still flying; the other customers, Israel, Libya and South Africa, had retired theirs decades ago.
Super Frelon

Bravely entering a competitive market dominated by Soviet and American designs, the Super Frelon was a derivative of the original Frelon (Hornet). This large, three-engined aircraft was designed to a French military requirement for a multi-role, medium-sized helicopter with the assistance of Sikorsky in the United States. Fiat in Italy were responsible for producing the main gearbox and transmission.

The influence of the American company was seen in the US-built rotor system with six blades which folded back automatically and the boat-type hull. However, the basic structure of the Super Frelon was no different from the original model: the three turbines were located side-by-side above the fuselage and the landing gear was of the fixed tricycle type. The two prototypes were followed by two pre-production models with Turmo III turbines and other variants with civil registrations.

There was a brief on the New Latest Chinese Development, on the Prunne Forum and it said the head was basically a US Sikorsky Design

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