Last few days as civvie, what did you do to celebrate?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by minikahuna156, Oct 16, 2009.

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  1. I'm off to basic on sunday. Just thinking on how to best spend my last civvie days for (hopefully) a few years!

    The plan for tonight is to go out with a few mates, to a cuban bar in Camden, and have a few drinks. and generally relax in the company of fine music and girls.

    What did you do? Anything memorable, (for good and bad reasons)' or depressingly bad you did? All replies welcome, the funnier/more bizarre the better.

  2. I raped Maddie.......she loved it.
  3. Smurke surme ganja......and then plan how youre going to enjoy your last few days in the army.
  4. im sure some of you guys are young enough to still remember joining up!?
  5. Road trip to John O'groats in my 900cc Citroen AX, got there then decided to go lands end..we made it to Coventry. :p
  6. Got sticky fingers with some slag behind Doctor Browns in Brombrough, Wirral (now long gone - Dr Browns that is, not the Wirral) and then got stood up by the same tart on the Sunday night and ended up playing pool with some fella who'd also been stood up (possibly by the same bird) and going home early (alone).
  7. I bought the biggest cucumber I could find in Asda and reamed my bottom out with it.
  8. If only I new that was the way to pass 'P' company( i would have joined you veg lovers). It would have saved me going on the pish with me mates. Then throwing up over the driver on the way home.
  9. well it's not happened yet but going out next Saturday with my bro, mates and some folks from work. Starting out with a bit of an afternoon house party / bbq weather permitting > then on to a strip club ( to avoid blowing my cash and not remembering it) and then out round town / clubs. Should be a night not to remember
  10. Sky diving with a midget.
  11. Tabbed around the Hyde Park circuit 3 times with 40 lbs on my back and gobbed off at some dirtback commie spouting off at speakers' corner each lap... yes really.

    Gotta go, my kitten needs a good head butt.
  12. Sept 1978 age 15 I got drunk so very very drunk.
  13. Having to learn Latin before they would let me in was the hardest bit.