Last female First World War veteran passes away

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It was the end of a special era yesterday as relatives of the last surviving woman to serve in the first world war announced that the Norfolk heroine had passed away.

Alice Baker, who was born and lived most of her life in Norfolk, died peacefully in her sleep on Monday at her Ditchingham care home. She was 107.

She was just one of 11 survivors of the Great War still alive and the only woman, having served with the Royal Flying Corps in Dover repairing aircraft.

Yesterday her niece Marcelle Carter, who lives in Gorleston, paid tribute to the woman she described as “a lady, pure and simply”.

“She kept us all in order,” said the 79-year-old. “She was a law unto herself and we all had to watch our Ps and Qs around her.

“She was an old-fashioned sort of lady, one who never uttered a swearword in her life - a lady, pure and simply

RIP mum.


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Go well Ma'am.
May god rest her, another backbone of britain gone.
RIP. A true Lady.


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May she Rest In Peace.

...and may some of our younger generation consider what she, and many others like her, did for our country and take inspiration from it.
107? That was a decent innings. I should last so long.

Is that 11 survivors world-wide, or British only? Any idea what the gobal numbers are?


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