Last Experiences Before Basic

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Lc63, Jun 16, 2009.

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  1. Going away for basic 23rd August

    Just wondering what last experiences
    People recommend I get in before I go

    Night out with the lads and night in
    With the Mrs is a must but any other
    Recommendations ??

    Or any strange or random experiences anyone
    Else has to share feel free to post
  2. Christ you're going into basic training not being executed in public! After Week 6 you'll be home most weekends to take part in said 'experiences' anyway or out around Blackpool with the lads.

    Good choice in Regiment though.
  3. Find a good looking young lady, enjoy an evening of good conversation and food, then make love slowly and tenderly all night.

    Once you are in you'll be speed-banging the worst looking gompers ever born to humankind round the back of Cheeks while still holding your kebab.
  4. Judging by his comment he's married. All jokes aside, that is useless advice to a married man.
  5. Feck me,and you say yer going Para Regt,thats you failed for a start :D
  6. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Er negative shipmate. That is absolutely ace advice for a married man.
  7. Haha! Alright have at it then lad, shag everything sight if it makes you happy, just don't expect the same support from the mrs!
  8. Im off on the 23rd aswell mate... Im going to ibiza for a week before I go in, nice big blow out with the lads!
  9. 23rd August for me aswell.
  10. See how many lovely ladies you can sleep with between now and then, rotating a schedule to fit your missus in every other day.
  11. Just do yourself a favour when you are out there and stay off the "dancing powder"
  12. Get drunk and act like a monkey on film (no getting nicked tho), watch ya fave footy\sports team at home game. Have few jars in ya local with ya mates. Spend quality time with folks, etc. usual stuff like this seems best idea pre-basic. Cause its those things you would miss most when away from home.