Last Eurostar from Waterloo

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Blogg, Nov 13, 2007.

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  1. departs today. Which is a little annoying as now I will have to drag my sorry arrse across London.

    I am however pleased to see that, with great sensitivity, the very last train from Waterloo International to Paris departs at 18:12 :twisted:
  2. lol...The engine's not called the Iron Duke by any chance?
  3. Sigh. Anyway the French cannot complain. They have Gare d'Austerlitz.
  4. Yeh, but the Eurostar didn't go to Moscow?
  5. True. It would of course have been much better to have it timed at 18:15 on 18 June but that could not be done it seems
  6. I remember reading that Churchill, on being consulted abut the arrangements for his state funeral (before he died, obviously), said that if DeGaulle was in attendence, he wanted the funeral train to depart from Waterloo.
  7. I hope to all buggery that that's true! I'd be amazed!!
  8. Or 14:15 on the 25th October would have been nice :wink:
  9. It's also a shame it could not have been filled with some of the scrounging gits they permitted passage through their country to seek freebies in the UK.
  10. The last ever train to depart from Waterloo International, fittingly with the Napoleonic associations, will be the 18.12. Then this pocket-sized patch of the continent will be closed forever.

    (but I reckon someone will bottle out and shift the timing a bit)
  11. Excuse me, I've been away! Waterloo is closing?

  12. Eurostar runs out of St Pancras International as from Wednesday. No doubt there will be some wretches who turn up at Waterloo.......
  13. If they do, they'll have been hiding under a rock for the past 2 months. Every single announcement on the Eurostar's been followed up with "just to remind you, we depart from St Pancras International from the 14th November", because we forgot when you announced it at the beginning of the trip. :p
  14. Just part of the plot to pander to the huddled masses from the north of England, and further to disadvantage those of us who live south of the Thames in London.

    That said, St Pancras station is now a serious location to visit and admire, it is fabulous. The Victorians could certainly build and they had vision (unlike a certain 'bottler' of today).

    I may be wrong here, but I gather the development came in on budget and on time and it was run by a lady engineer.