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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by JerseyTom, Aug 28, 2009.

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  1. Last day working as a civvy....

    Just got back from lunch...2 bottles of wine down and about to do the square route of fcuk all work this afternoon!

    Good times!
  2. You retiring then?
  3. retiring from the finance industry and start my (at least) 2 year FTRS with 32 regt RA......can't fcuking wait!

    ...and I'm half cut!
  4. well....erm...thanks....

    i wonder if all 45 posts are as insightful and cliff-hanging reads
  5. I'll get my coat!
  6. And so kids,this is why we don't post when pished.
  7. Going by your username may I ask if you're a prostitute in St Helier?
  8. Get yourself down town, it may be the last chance you get for 2 years to f*ck a woman that doesnt chain smoke, talk like a man and who has fatter thighs than you.
  9. Lucky lucky Bastard...

    I'd gladly crawl through a barrel of broken glass, just to stick matchsticks in the excrement of a woman so loving described......
  10. We don't? (hic)
  11. I wish!!
  12. Organised a couple of chicks later...hopefully balls deep in clunge by 2am and smashed off my t1ts!
  13. Hopefully? Liberal application of various pharmaceutical cocktail "enhancers" should improve the quality of the overal operation, along with allowing for plenty of photographic trophies to be captured and displayed on some suitable web-emporiam....
  14. And exactly the right time to have all of your hair shaved off and then have a few really crap tattoos.
  15. normal friday in the signals then :D