Last day of broadcasting from the BBC television centre in London

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by cheekyruby, Mar 22, 2013.

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  1. Apparently it’s the last day of broadcasting from Television centre in London today, the BBC are selling the land for 200 million.... so who is going to benefit from the funds ? it clearly won’t be the people who pay their TV licence.

    I only watch two programmes on BBC one is the news at 1800 and the other is top gear, Im not getting value for money. .
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  2. Lets face it the Beeb need that cash for the following:

    High wages and bonuses for the top directors - silly celebs wages - expenses for taxis - flash buffets - lazy back room staff - Staff pensions - Top hotels abroad for reporters and first class travel and keeping the Unions sweet.

    Please feel free to add anything that I may have forget.
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  3. You seem to have forgotten "Gender Diversity Awareness Training" from your list.
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  4. I'll tell you one thing the money does not go on, that's paying the freelancers who work on the programs! I know people who were not paid, refused pay, for all the work they had done because there was only a verbal agreement for part of the work.

    Lessons learned...
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  5. i cant believe they bought that shit.

    while i think they are good products they are obviously going to become obsolete with the internet taking over. it will be harder to control content thats just saying 'nice cafe near the volcano' when anyone can write that in blogs. you'd think a massive media corporation might have seen that media revolution coming, them being part of it.

    they paid a funking fortune for that and i'd like to see that investigated and people charged for fraud or whatever the correct term is. am bit hungover.
  6. Thinking outside the 'box' guys, I'm seeing something radical here, with this spare cash we could divert some of it and, hold onto your hats, make television programmes. Call me innovative, but it might be the new look we need.
  7. Nonsense, the core business will remain the same, the maintenance of a vast overpaid gay coterie and the grooming of children for the use of tawdry stars!
  8. oh oh...yeah....can they be about detectives, hospitals, dreary historic periods and house rennovation please? it would be great to have something along those lines. or maybe some semi-celaabritty going on a journey? we could do the chief executive job this is well easy.
  9. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Cunts the lot of them, perhaps they should privatise them!
  10. As long as they never again pay for that talentless twat Jonathan Ross ill be a happy man.
  11. in januray 2013 i listened to radio 4 saying how well the bbc had done over christmas 2012 and they gave stats and so on with viewing figures. viewing figures made slightly void by us not having much option really. its bbc and ITV in the main and they both produced stuff which didnt interest me and i watch dvds mainly.

    they seriously made out, although it was all political babble, that we had been lucky boys and girls as we got downton abbey, miranda and splash and dogs making cakes or whatever shit was on. at one point she made a mistake and slipped out of bbc propaganda mode,...admitted the only thing she rated was the bloody two ronnies christmas special.....they spend millions and honestly i could see nowt i wanted to watch over christmas. i did however say to friends it makes u miss the good old christmas specials with the golden entertainers like barker and wise i was amused she brought that up. i say amused i mean depressed.

    there was one person who came on at the end ...a female backbench mp i think...who said that the bbc should not listen to their own propaganda and she was pretty much shut off and kept quiet.
  12. ugly is right. they are a bunch of cunts.

    i have a relative who's quite senior there and everyone thinks he's a right woofty odd-ball. even his poor wife.
  13. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Talking about BBC propoganda, even the news programmes seemed destined to be filled by BBC self puff peices. I seem to recall Private Eye foretelling the future in the 80's with the looming multichannels being talked about. Rolling news that will end up filming itself and 400 channels of drivel which sadly we now exceed. For proof of the accuracy of the forecast see the BBCs own coverage of its own self flaggelation during the Jimmy Saville furore which to be honest is the most entertainment he ever gave the BBC and is a gift capable of giving so much more. Good Old Sir Jimmy!
  14. BBC is like a virus. It exists for it's own ends.