Last Chance to Grab a Bargain

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by BombG T-Shirts, Jan 15, 2011.

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  1. BombG T-Shirts

    BombG T-Shirts Sponsor

    It pains me to anounce the end of the "10% Off everything Sale" at Bomb G T-shirts.
    So this is your last chance to take advantage, the sale ends tommorow (16 Jan 2011) at 2359hrs.

    Please watch this space for future promotions and anouncements.

    Stay Safe.

    Bomb G.
  2. Hey hey BombG, I am now the proud owner of the coolest hoodie in the world!!!

    Thanks very much, and thanks for the free lettering on the back and the smiley face.

    Slug hugs!!!
  3. Have you apologised to that Med discharge fella yet you imbecile?
  4. Nope - still in shouty mode. Although my hoodie has cheered me up a bit.
  5. Not that I was REME, but this did make me chuckle..

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  6. My hoodie says ARMY on the front (it matches my t-shirt) and Holidays4Heroes on the back.

    I am so looking forward to wearing it around Catterick Tescos tomorrow.

    Unless I lose the will to live of course. Which is highly likely.
  7. Did HSBC call you? I'm very worried about this now.
  8. I think they are too scared to.
  9. I bought one of those T shirts a while back. Great for the gym.
  10. BombG T-Shirts

    BombG T-Shirts Sponsor

    The Snail,
    You are more than welcome.

    I always like to do my bit for worthwhile charities.

    Talk Later