Last Chance to get ELC

Discussion in 'Education and Resettlement Courses' started by Codger, Aug 17, 2012.

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  1. Hope everyone has seen the publicity about the end of the chance to register for ELC if you were too idle/not interested when it came in.

    See your IERO before next wednesday if if you want to register or
  2. I registered when it first came out but that was a very...........very long time ago. Is there any way of checking that it is still extant?
  3. just call your IERO who should be able to check for you
  4. You can check via ELCAS who run the scheme.

    Elcas - Enhanced Learning Credit Administration System

  5. Cheers Berlin,

    Checked and I'm still in the system.
  6. Does the late entry registration thingy apply to ex-servicemen or still serving only, do you know?
  7. I was told when I started my Resettlement at my 21 year point that the unit i was with in Germany had fucked up everyones ELC applications back in 2003 and I was not allowed to get it...I then got continuance and this time round a different IERO said bollocks to that and after he signed a form it got accepted a few weeks later so worth as said above speaking with your IERO immediately to see if you can still get it as a vast ammount of soldiers serving in 2003-2006 applications were messed up.
  8. Don't know why, can't educate pork :-D
  9. Don't know if that's something new or part of Army Briefing Note ABN 16/11 but get your skates on if its ending.

    Previously mentioned here -

    I will be looking forward to using mine either for new qualifications or re-certifying old ones. :)