Last chance saloon.. 1 Week left

tony d said:
Right time to dig deep fellas and help us reach our target of £5000..

Kept this in the Charity section till now. But as this is the last week i thought it best to try glean some clash froom the lowest common denominators on the site :D

We will be taking part in an Event called the Thames Meander which is a 54 mile race down the Thames Tow path... As part of this my running partner and i are raising money for Combat Stress..

I know folk are forever asking for cash for this and that.. But this is for a Charity that helps Ex British servicemen and women who have served their country just like most of us have.

Everyone needs a hand now and again and a soldier is just as good as the next man.. Why give a donation to Combat Stress instead of the other bigger charities??? Why Not!!

If you can great if not thanks to those who have supported us in our quest so far...

All the best to you all..


Charity Registration No 206002[/url]

I still have a ferry crossing to France for two adults and two children plus car for anytime this year..

A Weekend for two adults and two children at Victory Services club including Breakfast..Usually £264 apparently, for anytime this year.

Even have a Yorkshire Cricket Shirt for someone..

Any body wishing to bid on these feel free.. Come Saturday they will go to the highest bidder.. Which at the moment is no one..

So a cheeky £5 pound punt could see you win one or all .. Everything must go...!!!
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