Last British WW1 Vet Harry Patch dies

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Harry Patch (1898-2009) RIP.

A sad sad day.
A great man died today.
Sir Stand down Job more than done
That is very sad news. I read his book - a thoughtful man with a real understanding of the horrors of war. RIP Lewis gunner.

Probably not one for ceremony.........but he was the last Tommy. I wonder what his wishes were?
RIP, you certainly deserve to.
Rip sir you did more to earn that than I could ever do
Massive moment in the history of our Nation; there are now no living links to the Trenches.

Rest In Peace, Sir.
A Very Sad day... Rest In Peace the last Tommy of WWI

There have been WWI Vets throughout all our lifetimes, this is truly one of those poignant times in History, a time to think about what those millions went through back then in horrific conditions...

They Gave Their Today for Our Tomorrow

What a life Harry Patch had, and what a remarkable man!

July 25th a Day none of us should forget in our lifetimes...
I wondered how long he would decide to hang on after Henry Allingham went. Maybe he felt his time was done.

Without doubt it is the passing of not just one man but a generation to the pages of history.

I wonder how the Government will mark the passing of this old soldier?

is it dusty in here or is it just me?
Bravo_Zulu said:
Wasn't there some suggestion of a state funeral for the last Tommy?
He was against such a funeral, Care home are saying they have made funeral arrangements as set out by him/his family. I hope its not hijacked
The end of an era

What a sad day, coming so soon after the death of Henty Allingham.

Maybe the Nation should accord him the honour of a State Funeral.

Silly me, not with this current Goverment!

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