Last Australian WW1 combat veteran died

RTFQ said:
Lest we forget.
I read, over the weekend, that 10 years ago there were 12,000 WW1 vets still alive in the UK. Today there are only 4. Earlier this year saw the death of the last German vet; no surprises then that the last Australian has gone.

This was the first war in which modern technology really allowed us to capture their experiences at the time and record their later memories - their efforts will never be forgotten.

May they all rest in peace.
RIP William Allen. As with your comrades, you made a difference to the world.
RIP William Allen. 106, a pretty resiliant bloke. Good onya mate.

Just an aside from that BBC article:

Australia's Minister for Veterans Affairs, De-Anne Kelly, said his death meant an entire generation who left Australia to defend their nation and the British Empire had been lost.
This woman is a complete and utter tool.

while we're on the subject, does anyone know how many British WW2 vets are left?


Rowums said:

while we're on the subject, does anyone know how many British WW2 vets are left?
My Father in Law for one, and I think the Pay Bloke in my old Corps
RIP William Allen. Lest we forget.

There are more than four UK Great War veterans left alive. Rumours were abound recently that the last German WW1 vet (Charles Kuntz) had died, strangely enough a few more have now surfaced in Germany. Another rumour abound in the WW1 interest circle is that a TV company will be taking a Brit, French and German WW1 Vets to the Somme to toast each other for the last time. If this is to happen, it will be a sight to see.

Eggbanjo said:
If i had my way the last British vet should be given a state funeral.

RIP 'digger'
Spot on their Egg Banjo... They went through sheer hell to save us all from speaking with a Gerry Accent!!!

Rest In Peace All the Vets who have passed away, a sad day to think the last ANZAC has now passed away...

What We Do In Life...
Echoes In Eternity...


Kit Reviewer
Go well Mr Allen, your rest is well deserved.


I like to think his shipmates will be waiting for him up there to join them for a heavenly 'up spirits'
Tough Buggers the RAN :D

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