I am currently finishing my time in Germany and want my last 6 mths in the UK, unfortunately my RCMO gave me duff info last September and told me that I had to wait till I was at the 9-12mth point b4 I could apply...this I did (spot on the 12mth point I add!) and hey presto was told by MCM Div that I had well missed the sell by date.
I'm a WO so would've understood if the reject reasons were for service reasons but this is not so.
Anyone know if I have good reasons to redress this. I know I really should have dug the regs out and read it myself but I thought he would be in the know. RCMO is now posted and prob wouldnt remember it all anyway eh.
Advice pls gents.
Sorry mate,

As a WO you should have known its 18mth before run out.....

was the RCMO REME? was the request and response documented? If so take it to the CO...

I'm still afraid that they will tell you that you should have known....
Sir Bobby,

My apologies for anyone who may think this may be a 'Mong' post (butt out if you are not interested).

The only related publication I have seen anything about this is regarding the claim which can be found in JSP 752 Tri Service Regulations for Allowances. Chap 4 Sect 4 details the Final Tour of Duty. It details the claim and entitlement, and from what i can gather if you have expressed apreference to serve near where you want to live on your PPP, and not the usual BATUS, Cyprus etc. then you should be entitled (although i would check with some AGC bloke). You should be able to access the JSPs through ArmyNET or on your system at work.

Good luck!

There is also some details on the Army webpage under the Army Welfare Service. I would assume it is more relevent to personnel who are married!
The rules are laid down in AGAI Chapter 60.091 and the appliccation is Annex C to that regulation. The rules state that the applicant should submit his application not more than 12 months nor less than 9 months before he wishes to return to UK. There is other stuff in the paragraph as well not least of all the last sub para which states that "the rules are to be repeated in orders for all command and units overseas at quarterly intervals". I would guess that has not happened in your unit and that coupled with the fact that you were given incorrect information by your RCMO might give you grounds for a redress. I would go with the lack of published information in Unit Part One Orders rather than the RCMO route. If you need any more advice give me a PM. By the way where are you looking to get your last 6 months in the UK as that sometimes has an effect as MCM Div have to find a unit willing to take you. Good Luck and let me know how you get on.
I think your trade helps to. My desk clerk at MCM Div (who shall remain nameless so as not to prejudice less-good desk clerks) phoned me up 18months before I was due out and asked me if I wanted my last 6 months in UK. I naturally replied YES, and sent the person a list of Units the following week. A few months later I received Posting Order to a Unit in the Midlands with the immortal line....

For employment as: NONE RECORDED

Employment Category: HS AWAITING DISCHARGE
I am in one of the units in UK who are sometimes asked to look after personnel for their last 6 months. I notified REME MCM Div sometime ago that if any REME personnel were looking for their last 6 months in the Dundee area I would look favourably on them. I was contacted by a desk clerk a couple of weeks later and the first such SNCO is inbound next month. The offer still applies but obviously we can only look after so many at a time.
Hey Sir Bob,

I was in the same unit as you, got out in Jan, and can you remember that I got the royal "Sh........ting" from the RCMO and MCM and all!!!! Well my lad down here has just joined the local scouts, and I tell I have seen more professionalism, management skills and appreciation in the boy scouts then I ever saw in our CORPS management in 22 Years. So get ready mate, lie back, and think of England! it will be all over with soon!!! Muppets

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