Last 6 months

Got told by my boss the other day that i could have my last 6 months anywhere near "home", ok...i'll think about it i then i thought...ARRSE..someone will let me know the score :)
My options would be a regular Engineer Regiment and an Army Foundation College or a local TA unit(no idea what) which narrows down my exact home location 8)

Right...would i get spammed for all the routine bull that goes with a normal unit including possible tours? What hold has a unit got hold of me in my last 6 months? If i'm right in thinking the AFC does not have any of my capbadge people in i have no idea how they would employ me anyway. I aslo realise that nearly half of your last 6 months is taken up by termination leave/resettlement leave etc, etc, so it would only be for a few months. What have other people ended up doing in their own last 6 months?

Could somebody give me a few pointers or top tips?
Thanx :wink:

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