Last 6 months in UK


Just about to submit my NTT (drumroll please...) and am looking for the sourse document that gives you the right to apply for your last 6 months in the UK. It is referred to in JSP 760, Cpt 19, but does not give the authoratitive source.

Anyone got any idea if it comes from an AGAI or a DIN?

Thank you,



JSP 752 Ch 7 Sect 6, Final Tour of Duty (FTOD), have a good read through befoe pressing the tit.


L6MUK is in AGAI 60, not quite the same as FTOD. In short, if you will reach an immediate pension or EDP prior to or on discharge, and are serving overseas, you can apply for last 6 months in the UK. Application form is in the AGAI, one of the annexes.

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