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I see it now gives you a choice to break it down futher.
Did this just happen today?


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I like it! Nice one GCO/BCO.
Also the number of posts per thread has disappeared from the top of the page.
Glad it's of use. I've also extended Last 50 a lot so there are more pages to browse through before running out of results. It still has the bug that the initial search results page count is wrong, but that is way beyond me to fix and seems to be beyond VBulletin too as it's been in their bug list since 2009.

I do think 'Last 50' is confusing though to all but regulars. I probably will bin that bit of history and rename it "Latest" or similar. That's fiddling for another day though.

AY, I should be able to do a popup for Review sections too now. I just need to crack some behind the scenes tidying of the menu first.
A request, if I may -

Can we have a static URL for the last 50, so that it can be bookmarked? If I want to see what the latest is on Arrse, I have to go to any old page, then click on "last 50". It generates a new (numbered) search every time. You'd surely get better stats out of it too. If you're on a mobile connection and bandwidth is poor (as it most noticeably is in the UK), then it takes a while.
What he said. I'm sure I used to be able to open on the 'last 50' but the facility was enhanced away during one of the changes. That said, I may just be an old git with early-onset Alzheimer's. I did also like the 'last50' button on the bottom of each forum page - can I have it back please?
The old Last 50 which was a dedicated page (my own hack in fact and not part of the software) rather than a set of search results was 'enhanced away' because there were complaints about the lack of full functionality after it was 'enhanced in'. You couldn't hover over a thread title and get a preview for example.

The numbered search results allow an amount of caching and sharing of search results, so in theory making things faster rather than slower. The standard slow VBulletin search system though was 'enhanced away' so the current system is probably fast enough to handle new searches every time the tab is pressed and I will look at doing it.

Another irritation of the system is that I can't make the results stand apart from the normal search to say, for example, 'Last 50' at the top. That's fine for regulars but not so great for visitors.

So all in all I know it's not perfect. Too much 'enhancing away' going on clearly. Bring back the dog slow system or my hack with it's lack of functionality I say!


And there's me seeing the thread thinking it was going to be a charity run..............long afternoon
To get a link to bookmark just right click on the Last 50 tab, or any of the subsections if you prefer, and choose 'copy link address' or similar, depending on the browser. Links collected in that way can be added to your bookmarks.

When I work out a way to differentiate the Last 50 results from any other set of search results I will add a 'bookmark this' widget to the page.

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