Last 50 load error

Morning Bosses. Just a quickie to mention i cant load Last 50 page this morning. It says refused!?


connection to failed (errno=111, msg=Connection refused).


Book Reviewer
Same here.
vBulletin Message
connection to failed (errno=111, msg=Connection refused)
I'm working round it by clicking on the 'new posts' link under the forum tab.
Not wishing to throw fuel on the fire, but when go for a "search thread" I am getting:

[h=2]vBulletin Message[/h]connection to failed (errno=111, msg=Connection refused)

The search daemon has either died, or it hasn't started after a server reboot.
Poor thing: presumably having to wade through all of drivellings finally did for him. Where can find another one of those chaps?

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