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Last 50 - how does it work?

Just wondering as I posted a new post at 18:10 this evening and a check on 'last 50' in the past 5 minutes (19:15) doesn't show it, but it does show 5 or 10 posts where the last post was yesterday and a signficant number where the last posts were at 01:00 this morning.

Is it broken or doesn't it actually show what i think it should show?



Book Reviewer
Shit. Look, we **** about with the Last 50 thing every now and then. We are trying to drive a boring git to madness and suicide. But it is not you. Sorry for the inconvenience.
It's still doing wierd things - just checking it this morning it seems that it is putting up the same posts in the same order just with new info on the dates/times of the last post....so the 4th on the list was updated yesterday.
Now I am a boring **** when it comes to things like this. Well actually, I think its to do with change. Yeah, thats it; I dont like change.

So when something like the Last 50 goes tits up I need to use something else and currently I'm using New Posts. Buts its not the same, it dont feel right. Fix the Last 50,y'dig?

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