last 2 weeks before basic - fitness routine

all right guys, as the title says, iv got just over 2 weeks until my basic, my question is how much training should i be doing?

im fairly sure i overtrain, and on a good week will knock out 10 - 14 tough sessions, usually 6 runs, 6 swims of 1 hour, and a few weights and such.

in people opinion, should i cut that back, and the last week before i go, should i just keep to the same routine, or take a few days off or what?

any advice would be appreciated.

I wouldnt do anything the week before going and you are overtraining for sure and running the risk of getting an injury which will really **** up your basic wont it!


You are definitely doing too much!

If that is your training regime now, then you are already fit enough for phase 1. Cut back on your running to only two steady state runs of about 40 mins each per week, and for the rest of the week, swim and cycle to your hearts content, this will keep up you CV fitness and reduce the likelihood of an injury.

You are doing far too much at the moment; I speak from experience, why do you think they call me the mentalist?
well yeh it is 2 weeks and about 5 days, but i like to change training patterns at the start of a week.

yeh i thought i was probably doing to much. i think im really hung up on the 1.5 mile assessment, i want to beat my ADSC time, but i suppose ill still be ok even if i get 9:30 again.

cheers for the advice guys!

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