Last 15mins of the Green Jackets - CHOSEN MEN! ON ME!

Mister_Angry said:
Bad_Crow said:
Congratulations. You are now the sproggiest regiment in the army!

Not quite yet ... :thumright:

OK. Now we are.



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So that's it. Can't quite believe it.

Gutted. Glass raised to my Brother Riflemen.

Night all - all the best!


RIFLES here we come



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You are now the sproggiest regiment in the army!

We fell in on the left yesterday, today, and forever.

Swift and Bold!
Disgusted with this farcical Government, the Jocks and now one of the oldest and proudest Units in the British Army, am a former Sapper myself but was with 2RGJ in Wainwright back in 90 before we departed to the sandy place Round One... Great Unit and a great bunch of chaps back then, we were honourary 'Riflemen' for 6 weeks anyway!!!

Farewell to a Great Unit!!!

ARRSE to Bliar and Co.!!!


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To be fair Gundulph the name has changed, the RGJ was created by the voluntary merger of Ox & Bucks LI, KRRC & RB back in the 60's and we never forgot our roots. This is another forward looking voluntary merger and is entirely in the spirit of RGJ and its predecessors. We have come out of it with our ethos intact, better opportunities for our people, and in the LI we join with long standing brothers from the light division.

It is harder for gizmodnd and the like, since much of what they have bought into is alien to them, but they come from regiments with proud histories and top reputations so they'll soon adapt and all the original Light Div blokes I have spoken to are pleased they chose to come to the party.

I joined the RGJ 30 years ago and have served as a regular, TA and now Cadet AI. The regiment has had a profound impact on my life and I'll miss it. But I am genuinely pleased that we took the bull by the horns and think the right decision was made.

The Future is Green, The Future is RIFLES!
but sadly part of a much smaller infantry in a much smaller army.
I was never a "real" Jacket but was an RGJ AI and an LI Cadet, I always wished them well when I saw them and am sadder than I thought I would be.

Best of Luck The Rifles, I am sure it will work out.



A sad time for all involved. But as always we move on but never forgetting our roots. Me for one, as a Light Infanteer, am chuffed to bits we get to call our lads "RIFLEMEN", we should of dropped "Pte" years ago. :salut:


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Looking across from another division, I think the Rifles have made the right call. Thinking long term they have an awesome powerbase both in the sense of numbers and roles and in the sense of a number of top dogs are part of the Rifles.

I predict that the Rifles will go from strength to strength and other divisions may flounder (nothing against the Jocks, just not convinced it is the right way to go .... yet)

I somewhat hope that QD will go the same way as the Rifles. If this is the way the Army is moving then best to get on before you get chopped. Roll on return of 1 Queens, 2 Queens and so on! (Queens Royal Fus? Princess of Wales's Anglian Fus? Queens Anglian Fus? who knows!!!?)

Good luck to the Rifles.


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I am sure you are right, but then looking forward is central to the ethos of most of the predecessors. We did the same thing in the 1960's and RGJ/LI avoided being railroaded into unhappy marraiges as many others were later.

Of course most of us recognised each other as being a bit different because we share a genuinely common heritage and style anyway. I am not sure the same can be said of other divisions, except perhaps the household division.

It is easier for us to deal with change, I think, because historically we have been all about pioneering change. It is part and parcel of being in the Light division. Most infantry regiments have a different culture (and before anyone starts I am not suggesting inferior) and see the loss of the name as hugely damaging.

Alternatively it may be, as has been suggested, that the mafia are the borg. :)

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