Discussion in 'Infantry' started by 11D, May 24, 2008.

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  1. 11D

    11D Old-Salt

    Absolutely 100% w'ah free is the LASM essentially the same as the old 66 shoulder launched rocket?

    Never come across either, but just trying to keep current so was wondering if anybody using LASM can explain the differences/similarities is any.


  2. Probably better getting hold of Pam or speaking to training wing to be fair. Without being rude I wouldn't have thought this is the best means to get hold of weapon specs and capabilities.
  3. its basicly the 'ol m72 66mm law with an updated sight and firing a new rocket/warhead combo, optimised for blowing holes in walls instead of armour.
  4. The LASM (M72A9) is from the same family as the current 66 LAW (M72A5 - L12A1 for UK) and old 66mm LAW (M72A3). The main difference is the warhead. The LASM contains about 1Kg of an enhanched blast explosive, wheras the LAW contains about a third of a kilo.

    Its capabilities vary depending on the target, unfortunately they can't be discussed on an open forum.

    The Yanks may refer to the LASM as a LAW (Light Assault Weapon).
  5. 11D

    11D Old-Salt

    Thanks chaps. Not after techical specifics, just a brief overview/heads up. Though it looked similar to the 'ol 66. Hopefully using this on compund walls is proving safer than sawing a bar mine in half ;-)


  6. Anti-structural? Is it for buildings? No wah!
  7. correct. buildings and sangars ect.
  8. Cheers.
  9. Totally different applications though.

    Don't worry about sawing barmines in half, it's perfectly safe provided there is no fuze present.