Lashkar Gar

Its cracking. Great little town and there's a chinese take away 200m from the camp gates. They bus in a load of nurses from the field hospital every friday night for the NAAFI bop.
I have heard that neighbourhood has a slight problem with noisy neighbours and anti-social behaviour from the local youth, can anyone confirm that ;-)?
Trade_all_the_way said:
boney_m said:
They bus in a load of nurses from the field hospital every friday night for the NAAFI bop.
At last - I have been waiting 12 years for those nurses to turn up! :D
Only 12? We were told they were 15 minutes away, back in 1988...
Biffta112 said:
Anyone been out to Afghan and based at Lashkar Gar recently, just trying to find out what its like there.
If you're still in Aldershot, 88 PC Sqn in Buller Bks were in Afghan last winter and have a few guys who were based in Lash. Pop in and ask.

It's very tenty.
camp its self is same as GSK cushy and if you are not going outside the wire then you have nothing to worry about quite small tho.
I spent 4 months IN the lash and to be honest it was pretty sound. Good facilities, shop, gym, cinema/welfare tent, volleyball pitch etc. But that was just less than a year ago and I know that since the marines have been there, a lot more incoming has fallen at Lash. It does have the BullSh1t factor though as Bde HQ is there so you can expect more in the way of pressed kit and berets going on. Certainly the Bde RSM when I was there had a real arrse itch about cutting about properly dressed and only walking on designated pathways (sounds like Phase 2) but not sure what the current Bde RSM is like.

In a nutshell its better than Bastion but not as entertaining as Kabul.

Hope your tour goes well and you keep safe mate!

regards Beerkeg!


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PM me for specific questions, as I'm there pretty often. Good camp, safe (very little IDF, none for weeks), very good food, decent facilities, decent laundry, etc. There are far worse places to go in Afghanistan, that's for sure.
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