Lashkar Gar

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by BuckFelize, Feb 28, 2008.

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  1. A mate of mine has just been detached there for a few months. Could anyone of the enlightened amongst you who've actually been there shed any light as to the conditions and facilities? I have a fairly good idea that there's pretty much bugger all apart from the very basics, but some gen would be nice.

    Any suggestions as to the contents of the care package I'm putting together would be appreciated too: shower gel, foot powder, toothpaste, chewing gum, wet wipes, lip salve etc.
  2. Lashkar Gah has the best facilities out in Helmand. It's quite small, however it has it's own Naffi shop, on laundrette, the POD's are better than the tents in Bastion, the food is better with more choice, Internet, Phones, but the main thing is it's small and conveiniente, everything is around you and not a mile away in each direction, like in Bastion.

    Trust me it isn't basic by FAR. Anyway at a FOB or a Patrol Base has it basic, if your in Bastion, Lashkar Gah or Khandahar, you have it good.
  3. That's pretty concise. Cheers ears!
  4. The new Helmand HQ there is better than office accomodation back in the UK, the jammy bastards have about 6 widescreen t.v's, air con and decent furniture. The only reason HQ isn't at Bastion is because the top brass want their standard of living there to be out of view of the majority.
  5. Nothing to do with comms to KAF and the fact that Lash is the provincial capital then?
  6. Nothing to do with comms to KAF and the fact that Lash is the provincial capital then?[/quote]

    Not sure what you mean about nothing to do with comms to KAF. Believe it or not you don't need to be in LKG to communicate to KAF! LKG is the Provincial capital but it's not a pivotal area anymore, the focus is further north. The reason the REMF Officers are there is because they can get away from the majority and live a lot easier there.
  7. LKG is pretty good, better than Bastion as you don't have to walk miles to get anywhere. If you get in one of the buildings for 6 months you've got it laughing. Hopefully now the new septic tank is working you won't have to worry about it flooding too much. The problems didn't come from the pods, just the building filled with people who should know what ship showering is and just left the water running FECKING HALF WITS!