Lashkar Gar

Off there in a couple of days, anyone got back recently, whats the REME set up like?
If its the brigade LAD your working out of I only popped in for a few minutes but looked good, I had a tiffy mate there he was looking after toyota land cruisers for the boss. It was set up in a proper workshop building with roll shutter door etc he was enjoying himself from what he told me getting plenty of face time and making himself look good if thats what flicks your switch. Im sure some one on here will have been in there more than me, think it still comes under TFH LAD so that is where all your returns, spares demands etc go to.
Dont know if its the brigade LAD or not to be honest, my regiment are HQ Lash so not sure if we come under them or Brigade.
Naffi is good showers are all nice and porcelain shithouses, was like a Oasis for us camping out round the HLS in vikings when we had a spare few hours off. Oh yes and the food was awesome especially after weeks on rations, its run by contractors KBR have fun.
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