Lash Kagar

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by noonoo, Feb 7, 2009.

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  1. Hi,

    Could anyone post info on the facilities at Lash kagar?? Am going on my first deployment there pretty soon, due to last info have missed the boat for comfy box etc and could do with knowing if it is worth taking a netbook for internet access and any other info you can share about the place and what to expect!!

    yours gratefully

    Peace Chest! (but not for much longer)
  2. 1. Lots of sand... so take some volleyball kit

    2. EFI sells lollypops and swimming goggles... so take some dollars (don't bother with the goggles though cos there's no pool!

    3. DVB TV kit for your laptop... BFBS on site.

    4. Paradigm internet & Phone... so don't worry about the mobile or internet stuff... apart from a laptop for TV and playing your stash of porn DVDs.

    5. The rest of the entertainment is down to you matey... take some good books, pack of cards and a few extra 5.56 cos it gets tasty down there from time to time.

    Good luck!

    ps... take a quilt, sheets and pillow cos it's a long time in a doss bag
  3. Hey,

    Fantastic response time, Thanks for all your help!!
  4. Good old Lash Vegas. Also take lots of starch and an iron because there will be a brigade signal squadron RSM cutting around and he WILL be a bullshit merchant!!!!
  5. ha ha will bear that in mind LNR