Lasering of the eyes, acceptable?

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by matt12, Sep 16, 2009.

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  1. Hi

    From a fairly young age i've had to wear glasses, so wrote flying off in my mind. Was chatting to a friend recently who's an officer in the anglians. He informed me that if your eye's have been corrected by laser and you can then pass the eyesight tests for AAC then the lasering doesn't bar you from entry.

    Now i know that you can join the general army with lasered eye's if its been more then a year since the treatment. But i wasn't aware that its true of the AAC, does anyone know the score on this?

  2. There's a thread here but you'd be better getting the info from Middle Wallop.

    From what I can gather it's still a show-stopper.
  3. Interesting thread, also slightly annoying as one of my eyes is -0.75 and the other is -1. So they just miss the limit without needing surgery.

    Looks like a call to middle wallop may be in order
  4. Just a heads-up - for those who might think that they can get away with declaring perfect eyesight and not declaring laser surgery, on the eye-test it sticks out like a shit on a snooker table. I've had mine done myself and seen the before and after pics. We were treating a guy a few weeks ago who went 'blind' after a saturday night kicking yet never 'bovvered' to tell us he'd had laser surgery a few weeks previously - even when asked. It IS a remedy however heavy knocks can OCCASIONALLY prove disastrous. I think that is why the forces still treat it with some suspicion.

    Good luck with your app - my understanding (v. limited) is that RAF fast jet won't touch it (G-forces) yet rotary won't be such a problem however that is a civvy perspective so call me a cock!! I've dealt with a few helicopter pilots (civvy) working from the rigs who have had it and this seems logical as civvy pilots can wear glasses.

    Again, stand to be vociferously corrected :)
  5. I am sure that some years ago there was an in depth artical in Pprune on the subject.
    I have eyesight problems which caused me to retire from being a engineer early.
    I looked into Laser Surgery and it was about this time that I saw on Pprune the artical.
    Your Nightime vision can be badly affected.
  6. I shall check that out, I've been lurking in the rotorheads section of pprune as i'm considering doing my PPL (H). As i've decided to persue my dreams a bit more after a near fatal motorcycle crash

    Does anyone know who/where to ask at middle wallop?
  7. Sent you a PM yesterday with a number on it.
  8. If you do get lasered it's definitely worth paying the extra for the wavefront mapping - especially if you have astigmatism.

    I went from -4.5/-4.75 with astigmatism to 0.0/0.0 (now three years on) with no astigmatism or "starburst" on my night vision.
  9. roadkill, where did you get yours done?
  10. Laser is easier than trying to get one of these into a helo though

  11. Just got off the phone to middle wallop med centre, it would appear the verdict is no lasering of the eyes :( , so looks like mil flying out of my reach
  12. Sorry to hear about that, matt12. Best of luck with your alternate plan.
  13. And here was me thinking this thread was a bit of ruff 'n tumble. Should one laser someone else's eyes? Depends really. Discuss.
  14. "starburst" on my night vision.

    Yes it was Starburst during night vision, that was given as the show stopper.
  15. Optical Express - Newcastle branch