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Reference Image Laser Model Store for 28mm Buildings


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I came across these guys while looking for storage for my extensive collection of Vallejo paints and have got to say, what excellent models they produce. I purchased the three drawer paint store (fig 1) and was very impressed with the quality of the pieces and how easy it was to assemble.
(fig 1) about £20.00

I decided to have a look at the full range of products by Laser Store, and was seriously impressed. Apart from paint storage, they can sort out MDF bases in a variety of shapes and sizes, buildings - from an outhouse (fig 2) to a country manor (fig 3) and all sizes in between.
(fig 3)
Most of the buildings can be bought in "full" condition or "ruined" which would ideally suit the Wargamer or diorama builder. I bought the Blacksmith's Forge (fig 4) for a small commission and found it was ideal for the purpose and easy enough to build. Build instructions are available as downloads from the website, which I think is a great idea inasmuch as it stops nefarious persons nicking other people's work and passing it off as their own. One thing I will say with the Forge, the stair case is a bit of a bugger to assemble and requires a little patience. It does, however go together and looks the business.
(fig 4 )

This is a decent company, putting out good quality models and accessories. Their customer services are first rate and are happy to help with any queries. I have other items ordered and will show these as and when they are completed.
If you do buy any product from them, be advised, these are laser-cut MDF and do whiff a bit. The easy solution is to give each piece a coat of thinned down PVA glue to seal in the smell.
The only tools I found necessary for the builds were a hobby knife, sanding strips and files. I used Titebond III aliphatic resin glue as my preferred adhesive of choice, but any decent PVA will suffice.
Please give these guys a look, they are well worth it.

Rating: 5/5