Laser Light Module

I am just curious about this accessory. Is it a laser and a light or just a laser? Daylight visible, infra red?

Anyone provide a brief summary or a picture?

I've been looking at laser sights for civvy use and wondered how effective the issue item is. (Or even what it is!)


Laser (Normal and IR)
Torch (Normal and IR)
Well, that's cleared that up, then. May as well lock the thread.
Link: Laser Light Module LLM01 from Oerlikon Contraves GmbH

I'm afraid I missed the replies on this so thanks for those.

Is it a good bit of kit in practice? How well does the laser show up in daylight? Is it more a dusk to dawn sort of thing?

I've been looking at the Surefire ones but this looks a bit more compact. I don't really need the IR capability although if I got an image intensifier for the rabbit rifle it could be handy.

Wonder if it's available commercially......


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The visible laser is a red - so not much cop during the day. Green lasers are more visible, but for CQB your certainly better off with a red-dot sight.

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