laser eye surgery

hello i am looking to join the army but my eyesight is bad
right eye is +8.5 and left is +8.25
i was looking at laser surgery and have read that if you get it that it has to be less than 6 dioptres uncorrected to join up
i wasnt sure if this ment that i could get laser eye surgery to improve my eyesight by 5 dioptres to get me within the limit and still wear glasses or is it that your eyesight must be within 6 dioptres to start with
any info would be appreciated
you should really have put this in the all medical queries thread, if you look in the last few comments of this you will see what i have already said about laser eye surgery (LASIK LASEK) you can have it corrected to the minimum standard and then continue to wear glasses, but as previously stated you would have to wait 6 months to a year before you could re-apply to the army and that would only be successful if the surgery went well with no complications.
The army literature I read 18-24months ago regarding this stated that it shouldn't exceed 6 and -7 dioptres even before surgery, so if you have your vision corrected to driving-without-glasses quality they'll still not let you in for having such a strong pre-surgery prescription. No idea why, the possibility that is could regress back to such an extent is minimal (most regression is about 0.25 - 0.5, still driving quality).

From what my eye surgeon told me, astigmatism actually plays a bigger part in the success of the surgery than initial pre-surgery dioptres.

Your best bet is to go to your local ACIO & ask the recruiter for the latest information as most of ours is dated. If you do go ahead with the surgery I'd recommend LASEK though as no flap is cut / more preferable for active people. Night vision is also unaffected (apparently LASEK even improves it). Your prescription will determine the surgery the optician recommends in the end.

12 months deferral for civilians if you get the surgery.

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