laser eye surgery

I joined the national RLC TA at the end of last year and was due to start my training earlier this year. Work has got in the way so I've deferred it til next year.

My eyesight is up to standard but I need glasses for close up stuff. I'm thinking about laser eye surgery but seem to remember something about this on the medical form. Does anyone know the rules on this?

Also, I'm going to have a bash at contact lenses. Can anyone recommend this? Or are there good reasons why I'm better off with glasses?

Thanks all
In short, some operations are allowed, some are not. Flap treatments are barred and a small selection of surface treatments are allowed. Ones that are allowed will require a 12-month deferral period to heal followed by an assessment by a forces ophthalmologist.

I had Epi-LASIK done at Moorfields Eye Hospital 4 years ago. Can really recommend them - expensive but the best in the country.
Bugger! I'm long sighted so I think the flap treatment is the one I'd need. Any idea why it's banned? Seems to be a normal, everyday treatment.
...because if you get a blow to the head then the flaps can dislodge, even after they have healed over. You're not meant to play contact sports after a flap, so I think going to war might be out.

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