Laser eye surgery

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Karl_uk, Jan 29, 2009.

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  1. Ok guys, i'll keep this really short and sweet.

    I'm a TA recruit, about to do my weekend 5 training this weekend. I'm short sighted ish. Never really felt the need to wear glas's but recently im feeling the need to.

    So. Am i allowed to have laser eye surgery?
    If I'm not and for some reason this will discovered by my units OC etc what would be the consequences?

    cheers. :)
  2. they'll only know if you tell em!
  3. well, yes, i cant fault your logic with that but if by some disaster they did find out what would happen? :?
  4. use the search function

    and auldburd, shut the fuck up
  5. the details about laser eye surgery are in JSP 346, which is a sticky
  6. Then we'll need a sticky for acne, ingrowing toenails, terminal stupidity, dentistry and flatulence.... etc
  7. However, none of that comes up twice a week, as does Laser Eye Surgery. ;)
  8. and twice a week I say 'use the search function' sometimes I'm nice and point them in the right direction. Which reminds me I must fix the link in the hearing standards thread.
  9. not like you to be a sarky tw at been bust again or summat
  10. Cheers for telling me what sticky it's in. But it doesn't answer the question of whether I'm allowed any sort of laser eye surgery AFTER i've passed my medical and started my phase one training.

    Edit for repeating myself
  11. The army paid for my laser Eye surgery.

    It was to remove a bit of shrapnel though.

    Tiny , tiny bit of my tank.

    Went in red hot and made me say "gosh that hurt can I go home now"?

    from jsp's:
    Refractive surgery: Radial Keratotomy (RK) and
    Astigmatic Keratotomy (AK) remain an absolute bar to entry.
    However, Photorefractive (Excimer) Keratectomy (PRK) or
    Laser Epithelial Keratomileusis (LASEK) or Intrastromal corneal
    rings (ICRs), otherwise known as Intrastromal Corneal
    2 Recurrence is 10-30% after surgery, depending on type of surgery.
    3 Dry, dusty, sunny environments predispose to pterygia.
    JSP 346 Chapter 3, Leaflet 3-2: Eye diseases
    Page 3 of 5 Amendment Date: A
    Segments (ICSs), if meeting the specific requirements given
    below at paragraphs 3.2.3 and 3.2.4, may be acceptable.
  12. Fair play. But short of finishing all my training, going on tour and getting some shrapnel some place where I shouldn't would my Unit even care if i had it done?
  13. No i don't think it matters anymore, when it first came out it was a problem because they obviously didnt know how long the surgery was effective for, but now they're satisfied that it's a long term solution they allow it. All of this i gather from the book "squaddie", that guy couldnt join as a teenager because of his eyesight, then he got laser eye surgery, blagged his way into the marines, but got binned after a few weeks when he had to have further tests done on his eyes, then something like 10 years later he joined the green jackets and they no longer cared about the surgery.

    hope that helps.

  14. As the old saying goes though, "You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it read the stickys"

  15. You are talking utter utter dribble, there are rules about different types of surgery some are allowed and some are not, those that are allowed have a set time during which you would have to be downgraded for. The chap in the book you've read (congratulations by the way) will have been outside the post surgery downgrade time and therefore allowed to join up.

    By the tangled beard of Odin, when will the dribbling mongs leave serious threads alone?
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