Laser eye surgery = medical downgrade?

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by Baghdad-Brit, Feb 6, 2005.

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  1. Am I still correct in assuming that if you have corrective laser eye surgery you are automatically medically downgraded?

    I know that used to be the case but is it still current?
  2. Only for as long as it takes for the surgery to heal, as with any medical treatment. As soon as you are able to read an eyechart to the specified standard, you would be upgraded again. If your current employment requires you to have a certain eyesight grade (unaided), then it is well worth consulting your boss before commiting to anything. There are some courses within the Army that do not accept people who have had laser eye surgery within the last 6 months. BEWARE! There are different kinds of laser eye surgery. Make sure your RMO is aware of which kind you intend to get, especially if it pertains to your employment. Hope this helps. Might be better to get this shifted to the RAMC forum, you might get some more answers.
  3. Ventress

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    I remember that if you were a pilot you were even discharged. I will quiz the Ayatollah and find how where the Medical services sit!
  4. In the recess's of my dark and disturbing mind, I recall something saying you can't have it done as a serving soldier. I may be wrong, like so many times before, but I have this niggling feeling.......and no it's not crabs :roll:
  5. Yep, your definitely wrong there mate. Loads of people have the surgery specifically to improve their unaided eyesight so that they can attempt UKSF Selection. They have to wait 6 months after the treatment before starting the course though. It hasn't always been like this, I think the Army was right to be cautious when the treatment first became available, especially as the improvement can be relatively short-lived for some people.
  6. Had it done Sept 03. 3K well spent. My intention was to sharpen my vision to aid competition shooting.

    Sent to the sandpit at short notice n Dec 03. MO gave me the opportunity to postpone the tour using the recent eye surgery as a valid reason but I was happy to go.
  7. Scabies perhaps then dui-lai? I did warn you about playing with those nasty QA they are Typhoid Mary's.

    Improvements in the surgical techniques used and better long term results. It would be a pity that anyone with successful surgery be kept downgraded once it is proved their unaided eyesight is at the level required.
  8. So its official, I am getting old and losing my mind :oops:

    Shiit, next I'll have to take Viagra :roll:
  9. It comes to us all in the end :roll:
  10. If it's for service rifle, then fair enough (after all, there's a heavy emphasis on speed and movement rather than absolute accuracy); and I know people who would swear by the results.

    If you're looking for accuracy at all costs in competition shooting, namely taking up some form of target rifle, you're going to have to get good glasses anyway, because the laser correction isn't going to get you results as good as a really good set of glasses :) (BTW, if you need the address of a really good shooting optician, PM me).

    AIUI, the early laser corrections were "standard corrections applied to your prescription". It's the more modern ones that can tailor the surgery to your individual eye, rather than to a prescription that it holds on file.....

    Anyway, moot point, because I'm not going near LASIK or anything similar until I stop seeing opticians wearing glasses........

  11. I do hope you are not referring to dui using viagra there could be rather painful for you and him.
  12. Just to reassure DL, I was sent a letter shortly after applying to join the Army warning me that I would be de-selected if I had laser surgery. However, this was back in the mid-90s and I understand the policy has been reviewed since then.

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  14. As I understand it; and no SG's PL yet that I have seen states otherwise; any soldier who has ha correectice eye surgery is to be excluded from SF selection.

    The basis of this being that there are problems with night vision, blows to the head etc.

    I stand by to be corrected by Opthalmic Specialists or SMO Hereford only.
  15. Ask a doctor.