Laser eye surgery IN the army?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Rayskin, Mar 6, 2006.

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  1. I am 16 and WILL join the army when i am 18. my vision is crap and i would only get them lasered by this surgeon called david gartry, i'll be checking officially and finding out what surgery you can and can't have, who has had experience with soldiers before, but you have to be 21. would i be able to join the army and then have laser eye surgery. my other option is to hold off till i am 21, get my eyes done then join when i am 22. Would this be an old age for an officer, would this be an old age for a soldier.
    But mainly about the surgery. would i be able to get it done IN the army
  2. The short answer on eye surgery is no. Do a search and you will get more info, this has been discussed lots in earlier threads.
  3. Not you again, FREAK.
  4. Hey.......Rayskin, you really are a have only just got over puberty and already looking for freebie eye-surgery, 10/10 for trying.........trying everyone who reads your arrse entries.
  5. laser surgery aint allowed in the army boyo !!

    there are just as many negative reasons as there are positive !

    Armed forces personnel are forbidden currently from having this treatment.

    As you havent joined, then there is nothing on record - if you have it done - how can they prove it ???
    Its a gamble that only you can take

  6. BEDPAN... SHUT UP YOU CU NT ! You are an ill informed moron. Any personnel wishing to have corrective laser eye surgery, may do so at his/her own risk, at his/her own expense, and must inform the chain of command and gain permission from their Medical Officer. and you may be downgraded for one year or until healing has been deemed to have occurred.

    because as soon as you have an eye examination they will be able to spot the corneal scars, which appear as a near complete circle.

    I know all of this, because I have had it done. TALK ABOUT WHAT YOU KNOW WHICH IS FCUK ALL ...SO SHUT THE FCUK UP. Why do morons spout their ignorant opinions as fact?
    RAYSKIN - Save your money because you will have to pay for it yourself.
  7. Olddearhunter

    thank you for your sentiments - but if you read the Surgeon Generals Policy letter, you will be aware that the OFFICIAL MOD POLICY is that laser eye surgery currently is NOT supported.

    I eagerly await you 'educated' reply
  8. Nice "back paddle", but you still spouted a load of SH1TE!
  9. Hi folks.

    First post here :)

    The above information was correct untill recently.

    I myself have had laser surgery and thought it was a ban on joining the army but a visit to the local recruiting office and an email changed my mind.

    You do have to wait a year from date of surgery but having the surgery does no longer mean a permanent ban.

    I refer to an email I recieved from the online medical help on official army site.

    My application is still being processed and my 12 month wait is up in september - This has given me plenty of time to get fit!

    Nice site guy's allot of decent tips and advice on here.

  10. BEDPAN - YOU ARE A CRETIN. You cant even spell. Are you by any chance a 1pip or 2pip wonder in an unfashionable Corps? My extremely well educated, informed and lucid reply is as follows:

    Surgeon General's letter? What...did he write to you personally? Have you ever heard of JSPs, DCIs and DINs ? YOU UTTER KUNT!!! This is where OFFICIAL MOD POLICY IS TO BE FOUND AND INTERPRETED BY PEOPLE BETTER ABLE TO READ THAN YOU !

    Not supported? Financially you mean? I never said it was. The CoC may prefer you not to take the risk and they may be less than encouraging, but it is NOT FORBIDDEN as you previously state.

    If laser surgery within the forces is not allowed, WHYINFUCKSNAME AM I STILL IN THE ARMY? I had the treatment done WHILST serving.

    You almost certainly have an out of date 'letter'. It is meaningless in any case, and you were obviously giving erroneous 'advice' in your previous 'contribution'. As in 'how would they know you had it done?'

    You obviously know less than fuckall about laser eye surgery within the again I SAY TO YOU...SHUT THE FCUK UP ABOUT SUBJECTS YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT. YOU ARE ONLY MAKING YOURSELF LOOK LIKE A FOOL.