Laser eye surgery criteria 6.

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by HamandJam, Apr 30, 2013.

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  1. Hi all.

    I'm currently gathering information to appeal my RG8 being unsuccessful.
    Does anyone know what tests need to be done for high and low contrast sensitivity and for night vision? I've spoken to my Opthalmologist and also been to been to Moorfields eye hospital and no one there knows. Could someone please recommend an eye specialist in London?

    Criteria 6 regarding corneal refractive surgery states I must provide appropriate documentary evidence to prove that:

    Specialist visual function testing has been carried out with satisfactory results at least 12 months following surgery, including assessment of refraction, symmetry of visual acuity, high and low contrast sensitivity ( with and without glare sources),astigmatism, glare, corneal clarity, masked mild hypermetropia and night vision.
  2. I am also in a similar situation, I'm gathering my medical records and need to get the same as you tested. Everybody I've rang about this seems to have no idea so I'll be following this thread with interest. Hopefully somebody will have an idea.
  3. The army forwarded me to a tri-forces specialist in Edgbaston (sp?), Birmingham to have the remainder of those assessments done (I did initial tests at Glasgow Caledonia ophthalmology department). I can't recall the tests specifically (I think I may have simply worn shaded glasses to test for night vision?) though persevere with it, it is actually possible to meet the criteria - eventually.

  4. There is hope! Thanks for the reply. How long did it take you to get through the application process? I had the surgery in August 2010 and then had to have a small enhancement done in August 2011 which meant I couldn't start my application until the end of last year. Any advice on what documents I should provide so I can get on with my application asap?
  5. It took me the best part of three years (including the automatic one year deferral) from initial application to rocking up at the ITC. The enhancement may cause dramas for you as if I recall your visual acuity can't regress >0.50 dioptres within 12 months of the initial op? You need to somehow get the SMO at ADSC to forward you to a specialist as already described to be honest.
  6. My appeal was successful! Got my interview this Thursday. For criteria number 6 I went to David Hillel optometry in Finchley North London. £80 for a consultation + documentation.
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  7. I don't remember the RG8 ever asking if you had laser eye surgery. I've got selection in about a week and it's never been asked at any point during the application process.
  8. I asked a local private hospital about this as they had a specialist who could do the tests. £275 for an initial consultation and another £275 for the actual tests. After nearly choking on the outrageous prices (going rate apparently), I contacted the company who originally did my eye surgery and they did all the tests for free...bonus.
  9. I had laser surgery - did not even tell my boss. I just booked a week's leave. My next PULHEEMs the improvement was noted. I just joked I had driven through Lourdes on holiday last year and they had got better. No fuss, no drama, doc was not bothered. That was about 10 yrs ago, now a civvie and I had a few PULHEEMS in the intervening period.
  10. Just don't tell them. I did it and continued to serve for four years. Unless you are a pilot no one really cares.

    And I love the Lourdes explanation. Genius!

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  11. I'm so glad I had mine done, money well spent and 4 years on still as good. Money well spent.
  12. I've just phoned the folk that done mine (Optical Express), told them i need to have these tests done i.e. night vision etc.. Bird on the phone said they could do it all in a 30 minute appointment next week, won't cost a penny because it was all covered when i had the surgery.
  13. But wouldn't you get fucked during the medical for lying if you sign a checkbox beforehand stating you've never had the surgery? Apparently with laser eye surgery it can still be identified during an eye examination so lying then getting caught isn't going to look too good if you can just get the paperwork together to back it up.

    If they don't ask, don't tell them i suppose but i'm guessing it's almost a given that it will be asked during the medical if there is an eye test.
  14. Yes it can be seen so not a good plan to lie.