Laser eye surgery and mobilisation

I believe that the army hasn't quite got its collective head around the concept of corrective laser eye surgery. Has anyone heard anything from rumour control about possible problems on mobilisation?
There was a letter in Soldier magazine about this last Autumn  - it may still be on their website. The MoD response did not suggest much progress on the matter.
If you are a regular or TA you MUST tell your unit Medical Officer that you have undertaken corective eye surgery (the Army wil not refer you for this type of treatment so it can only be undertaken privately). The MO will refer you to an Eye Doctor (Ophthalmologist?) who will medically downgrade you to P7 (home only) for a period of 12 months, when a further examination will take place.

I hope you lot are not planning to use this as an excuse to get out of being mobilised for Op TELIC??
On the contrary, am trying to ensure that it doesn't get in the way. I had it last July and I spoke to an MO who told me not to tell anyone about it. Am slightly concerned that during the mobilisation process there maybe eye exams which will reveal it and cause problems.

Frankly a free holiday in a warm place is just what the doctor ordered right now.
El Plato
I would keep shtum.  The army dont like it because as it is only privately available stats are hard to find (which is probably a reasonable official line).  However:
1.  I know scores of people who have had it done up to 10 years ago and no problems.
2.   know of a couple of pax who got examined at chilwell having had the laser keratotomy (the old burn type) with no notice.
3.  You can wear contact lenses; in a respirator I would rather heve a lsered eye than sand in a lens!
I had mine done back in 95. Then went to Bos and other places. There was no problems. The tests that show if you have had it are no good if you have allowed time for it to heal. I had the old PRK, the new flap type is even better, heals in weeks not months.

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