Laser eye surgery and its consequences

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by MAD_FERRET, Nov 10, 2007.

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  1. I wear contact lenses pretty much 24/7, costing around £300 per year on top of that annual sight tests etc.

    Im toying with the idea of laser eye surgery, as not only is it cheaper on the pocket in the long run, but also will improve effectiveness as a soldier ie:

    wont need to worry about C/L suffering with dust and heat on OPs

    No "sods law" moments of losing a lens at potential danger moments

    Now l have heard that if l was too go ahead, l'd be downgraded for a year and run the risk of being charged for making myself 'non - deployable'

    Is this fact?

    Has anyone else had laser corrective surgery done? Pro's and cons please
  2. I can't advise you on if you will be downgraded or not, speak to the Medcen for advice.

    However the good lady had laser eye surgery about four years ago. Her sight prior to the surgery was very bad and couldn't see much without her glasses or contacts. After her surgery she has 20/20 vision and regrets she didn't have it done earlier.
  3. Got two mates, both paratroopers who've had the procedure done privately. Both did it over a leave period, neither went sick or were downgraded. Both subsequently deployed on Herric 4 and both are delighted with the results.
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  4. Had LASIK in 2000. Went from -6 -6.5 to normal vision. The effect has faded over the years, as the surgeon told me it would due to age. Now have to wear reading specs.
    As for the mil consequences couldn't advise you.
    From personal experience would recommend it. Bear in mind that you should be asking lots of questions, how experienced is the Surgeon, what risks are there with regard to your personal presciption. The larger the correction to be made the more risk. What follow up treatment do they provide, will any adjustments be made at no further cost. They may not get it exactly right the first time.
  5. it seems a gamble at around £750 for both eyes to be corrected, but one that should be worth it l reckon even though its about a 65% success rate

    Im -2 in both eyes so without contacts lm f*****!!

    Thanks for your advice, will investigate further via the Med ctre on monday l think

  6. WTF do you buy contacts? Harrods? 8O
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  7. they really are that dear - l get daily disposables from specasavers, approx £30 pm

    Which is why l want corrective surgery

    I can get lenses for £15pm, but they are crap quality and drive your eyes mad after a while

    Monthly disposals a no go as l found out whilst playing in the sand....
  8. does anyone know why it's a year?

    is this just some figure that the MOD have pulled out of fresh air or is their more to it??
  9. I've got monthlies in now without problems and I'm in the sandpit. Obviously everyones eyes / lenses / jobs are different.

    Ferret, have a search for lasik on the threads, it's been on a few times with some good info on there.
  10. I had laser eye surgery performed on me January this year and have been delighted with the results. Currently waiting for for my 12 month deferral to expire so I can get the ball rolling on my application. I was told 12 months as they deemed it sufficient time to monitor my vision and any possible deterioration / side effects. Only problem I've had was a bit of dry eyes though barely noticeable now so long after surgery.

    Do they allow those that have had laser eye surgery to apply to the paras now? Or is it different for those already in?
  11. No idea mate. Both were already serving and had been for years. They didn't inform anyone - CoC or med staff what they were up to either.
  12. Probably just as well. Was told not to bother considering paras if I went ahead with the surgery as apparently there was medical concern still about compromised corneas being subjected to higher altitude / parachuting :? MoD seem extremely cautious compared with American counterparts though as not only do they allow surgery, but they even endorse it as thousands of their pilots and airborne troops have had subsidised corrective surgery.
  13. like we have a cat in hells chance of getting subsidised surgery!!

    Might ask later......
  14. Just to chip in, I was told that even after Lasik there is a good chance you will not be allowed to serve as Aircrew or Airborne due to increased chances of complications and the expense of training aircrewmen. However I think this is more relevant with regard to aircrew as I have heard of plenty Paras who have had it done with no probs.