Laser eye correction treatment

I am thinking of having laser eye correction treatment.Can i go through my med centre or will i have to go private?Also i have heard i may not be able to have the treatment whilst i sam still in the army due to the treatment being still fairly new.Can anyone shed any light on this matter please.
Hi Warrior,

Im the other way round, a civvi who's looking to join up. I have had the laser eye surgery and been in contact with a couple of army lads (my bro's in the RMP and I know a couple of Paras) for the info.

There are a couple of types of surgery LASEK and LASIK. The laser treatment of the 2 is identical, the difference lies in the way they make the flap in the lens of your eye.

For the LASIK they numb the eye and use a small device that actually cuts a flap through the lens which is then folded aside and the laser treatment is applied. The LASEK has a different method of creating the flap, they use a numbing mild acid which melts the lens. They then scrape the lens aside and apply the laser treatment.

There are pros and cons to both types or surgery and the surgery ISNT guaranteed!

LASIK - Has a quicker healing time. Is less painful.
LASEK - Hard to think of a Pro to this surgery!!! :)

Long and short - LASIK not allowed LASEK allowed!

Cant quite think why considering the main part of the surgery is IDENTICAL!

Its a big decision you will have to make, especially as you will be unable to do anything for at least 6 months. Basically after the surgery your eyesight will fluctuate quite dramatically one day will be perfect and the next can be quite the opposite. It does settle down after time but you arent allowed to drive etc for 2 weeks after the surgery and you will only be signed off after a check up 6 months after the surgery.

Sorry if the message is a bit war and peace but its a big thing to think of and you WILL NOT PASS AN ARMY MEDICAL FOR AT LEAST 6 MONTHS!

To summarise:

1) Choose LASEK!!!! The army frowns on LASIK
2) Its expensive (I paid £3000. You can get it done for £395 per eye but personally I think you get what you pay for!)
3) 6 Months of doing sweet Football Association!
4) Be prepared for pain, pain and more pain with the pain in the arrse of having to apply drops EVERY hour for the first 3 days, 4 hours for 2 weeks after and then 8 hours for 2 weeks!
5) Touch or rub your eyes after the surgery and you can rip out your cornea, they cant fix that!

After all that I bet you'll need an asprin, or a crate of Stella bun in my opinion it was the best thing I ever did!

Any questions, let me know!
The pain does not bother me really.I have had a couple of free DVD's from lasertech etc,you know the ones you always see on TV.I wear contacts normally and my glasses on a evening.Being in the army its not always convenient to wear either due to hygeine problems and tactical problems and now i feel the time has come to explore, oh and i also have them weird shaped eye balls apparently so my optician says,so i may not be able to have the treatment anyway.
I went to a place called ultralase. They were awesome. They give you a free consultation, do tests that last about 2 hours and will go over everything with you. I got a lifetime guarantee with my eyes (sounds like I went to a Ford dealership doesn't it!) which means if I need the treatment again its free!

I too wore contacts so I know how much of a pain in the backside they can be!

My advice would be to ignore the optician and go for the consultation, my optician gave me some crap about having it done cause its £30 a month for life out of his pocket!!!
This is from the MOD official document on LES
With regard to surgical correction of myopia or hypermetropia, it is acknowledged that the following methods are now considered suitable for entry on an individual case by case basis for non-specialist employment groups and subject to single Service requirements:

(a) Photorefractive Keratectomy (PRK)

(b) Laser Epithelial Keratomileusis (LASEK)

(c) Laser in-situ Keratomileusis

(d) Intrastromal Corneal Rings (ICRs), otherwise known as Intrastromal
Segments (ICS).

Entry will not be considered for Radical Keratotomy (RK), or Astigmatic Keratotomy (AK), or any other form of incisional refractive surgery, other than those procedures listed above. All invasive intraocular surgical procedures will remain a bar to entry.
LASEK,LASIK even ICRs allowed, ICR involves inserting plastic disk's into the eye like permenent contacts.
In brief had my LASEK op done over three years ago. Went to Med Centre, referred to Army Consultant Opthalmic Surgeon who checked out suitability, talked through MOD policy said ok and sent me off to choose the clinic.

All went ok temp downgraded for six months. Seen by Army consultant and discharged fit again. Cost was fine I think about a thousand, treatment fine at the clinic included all consultations, surgery and follow up up to a year later. Uncomfortable for about 48 hrs had 3 days off but back doing everthing. Great to swim and do all the things that len's woul'nt let me do! No regrets to date

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