Laser Combat , trainning tool or just fun and games?

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by RaiderDingo, Jul 22, 2005.

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  1. ………. To laser role play combat games, the new revolution in outdoor leisure and adventure pursuits.

    Laser Combat are fun and safe tactical games of team based combat, also known as "electronic" paintball. There is no projectile, no mess & no smelly face mask. This is not in any way a physically violent sport but places an emphasis on military strategy and tactics whilst having a great deal of fun.

    Unlike the old style indoor arena laser games (Quasar or laser TAG) you might have heard of, we play outdoors. Each team is equipped with a realistic infrared laser rifle & sensor. Players fire an invisible and harmless infrared beam, similar to the ones used in your TV remote control.

    Laser role play combat games are played as stand-alone missions like “Capture the Flag”, “Base Defense” or simple team elimination. This is a team oriented combat simulation sport that is played in a variety of different locations such as urban, woodlands, snow fields or on purpose built battlefields.

    video clip
  2. Rule no #1:

    Military or ex-military types with any sense of self-respect must never play such games.

    Rule no #2:

    If the aforementioned do participate, they will end up being shot to sh!t by a gaggle of schoolgirls and subject to public humiliation.
  3. So what about MILES that we use in the military? Did'nt you ever play war games in the service?
    I think that they have games so children play with children and adults play with adults.
    And I am pretty sure that since you are paying you can pick who you want to play with.
  4. Get a life !!! Laser games are for dodgy wannabes . What self respecting Brit soldier or ex- tom would be seen ''playing toy soldiers'' with a load of nerds on speed . Join up and if you are un lucky you may get to see the real thing .
  5. 307

    307 War Hero

    Wait wait, I think this guys claiming to be that seargeant from the tv prog, look at his signature and location, bloody 12 year old spotty twat cracking one out to a pic of a navy SEAL
  6. no not a navy seal. just ex legion and Us army. and yes its me the guy from the program.
  7. Well i have a question for you . What do the US Army and the French Army have in common ? You got it they are both crap . Go away
  8. I have some Legion questions:

    1. Do they really get paid very little in order to deter desertion?

    2. Do they get a pension or gratuity upon completion of an engagement?

    The isolation from society must contribute to the attraction of the life to those who join.
  9. nahh that stuff is fun if silly .Where else can you do the stuff you could never get away with on exercise because it stupid.its better still with a couple of beers inside fond memories of quasar barry island pissed .
    Though any military personnal who plays these games and takes them very seriously unless hunting work colleuges :) needs to
    have a conversation with themselves .
  10. i have played Paintball and not yet tried Airsoft , i can see applications of this to training of cadets in and for the fun aspect, without any serious injury involved apart injured pride :lol:

    i suggest we should chill out that we don't take ourselves too seriously and consider the merits of wargaming which is not neccesarily waltish, unless you turn up in the latest gillie suit, SAS kit brought yesterday from SOF shops, then you deserve to be mocked.

    the only problem i can see with this , is the price which is a bit high, airsofting and paintballing is cheaper, to be competitive you need drop the prices a bit.
  11. which means you are out of practice and need retraining ! if you know your stuff then the end result is easy to predict, pepper potting, patrol formations, section battle drills all should wipe the floor with these headless chicken civvies
  12. Why are some of you trying to knock the fella for a bit of business ??

    There are plenty of reasons why this type of gaming is not only good fun, but can offer people (youngsters especially) a bit of realism that paintball and airsoft (yes, I've done them both, and both times as part of an army function) and might (yes Might) get a few of them interested in joining the army and saving the majority of the sadly under manned regiments that only exist today because they have had the luxury of a well trained reserve to call upon when times get tough.

    Rant over

    There is also nothing wrong with posting this kind of thing here. It is up to moderators to decide if they are taking the pi ss or not. i for one am quite glad he's given me the perfect new option for my departmental team building conference that gets a bit boring after yet another clay pigeon shoot type day out. And nothing to upset the office girlies who don't appreciate paint ball bruises the next day.

    Rant really over.

    Let the mods decide!

    P.S. 307 ......your Sgt's Mess organised exactly the same type of day out for the RSM's conference not too long get back in your box.

    Rant complete....OUT!
  13. Thats not bad, a guy with chip on his shoulder. I have the utmost respect for the Brisish Forces. but for you dont even know you , and if you dont like the US Forces who cares, not going to change my day. And as for the French Army well they do suck. Thats wy I said Legion and we dont have a rep for sucking. And as for the US Army we got our first reputation from driving some guy called Cornwallis 1781. And now I have a question for you , What do the French and the English have in common? Same Royal Blood line!
  14. Don't forget the Boxheads, Raider.....slightly closer than the French you might find.
  15. Good Call Mickey_Dees, which is why I put the topic on the board. I want to know what people really think. And some people just cant move with the times.
    Train how you Fight. US Army term.